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Home Is Where The Community Is

All of us have a home. And have or need a home away from home. If this can be reached from the home itself, that's a double whammy no one would want to miss!

Professionally, it has been a very challenging 12 months for me. The first 6 months were manageable due to cushions of the past. Trouble started from the 7th month when the cushions began to wear out and disappear. It was around that time I got a mail from RCB about a Fanatic Fan Challenge. Like the fate of any other automated emails this too had to go to “Delete & Purge” folders of my mail client. But because it was from Royal Challengers, I thought let me pospone sending it to the shredder.


One fine day of Sept 09, I did decide to send it to the shredder, but as a fanatic cricket fan, I decided to at least be hospitable to the sender before trashing it. The mail spoke of a fanatic fans challenge, etc etc. Having been a fan and “Observer” of RCB during IPL2009, I thought I should visit the RCB site again.


There was this cute one posting something here and there, always stepping in to give ‘tips’ to fans, etc But like the many cute things we see on internet, this cute one too got into the “Ignore” spot in my mind!


Then there was an announcement of the FFC1 results and many jumping and dancing with joy, congratulating each other, and doing a variety of other things. There was celebration all around. I stepped in with “my first comment” which I vividly recollect below:


“Fair and reasonable explanation, though I do not entirely agree. Very different from the “Decision of management is final. No correspondence will be entertained on this” approach of many who organize such contests. I went on to add, “…will continue to have Kingfisher as my favorite beer, though saying “Cheers” will never be the same again”


The cute one tweeted me back thanking me for my understanding and that there would definitely be room for a role for every interested fan.


This is the story of my first interaction with this wonderful, cute and beautiful person. Much water has flown down the “Cauvery” since then. My professional challenges and headaches have disappeared smile (new, interesting, welcome challenges have come in!) and I think we are all proud and happy members of this wonderful community called RCB Fan Club. It has been an amazing story of a very professional personal friendship and love that she has given to every one here with her patience, responsiveness, courtesy and composure. Not to forget the gentleness, tact and subtlety with which she expresses her disapproval if anyone says anything unfair or inappropriate smile


The Fan Club and the RCB Community we all are seeing today is a work of art only a mature and empathetic person like her could have done.It is not so much about the features that we see on the site. It is about the invisible glue that is holding all the pages together! Thank you ma’am, thank you!


Long ago, in school, I was taught "it takes many homes to form a community".

In my own home, for example, while I am on the laptop and my wife is around me watching TV, solving a crossword or cutting vegetables or whatever, often I am asked the question: What does Nidhi say? What’s her latest post about? Sometimes I answer, sometime my daughters chip in.


As I write this, I'm realizing "it takes a community to make many homes".


To Nidhi, the Community Manager nonpareil in the world of cricket’s social media, we are all delighted to wish


A Very Very Happy Birthday – May God Bless You With Success in Everything You Do!





royal challengers

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Latest comments

Wow! a befitting post for the efforts by our community manager. :)
disha-shetty on 15 Mar 2010, 09:23 PM
Thanks Nidhi for accepting my appreciation :)

Actually, I was sitting in the Jet Airways lounge at Mumbai airport and the serenity of a Saturday afternoon at the sparsely filled lounge inspired me to get my thoughts streaming in no time!
Raghunath on 15 Mar 2010, 06:54 AM

THANK YOU! smile

I received so many text messages yesterday saying “nidhi have you read Raghunath’s post?” “hey there’s something you should read” and, my were they right!!

thank you, sincerely, :)
nidhi@RCB on 15 Mar 2010, 12:09 AM
VijayMallyaBoys on 14 Mar 2010, 03:37 AM