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I just woke up from a dream called ‘Discover Durban’

You have to excuse me for this one cos I just woke up from a dream called 'Discover Durban'. After spending two weekends in South Africa, I feel like I still can't seem to enough sleep! From Breakfast with the stars.. err chiefs to Discovering the cricket loving crowd in Durban, South Africa is fantastic. Even though RCB lost their game against the Mumbai Indians by 2 runs, We enjoyed the game, more because it was heartening to see the kind of effort the team put in, and to have locked horns with the Mumbai Indians supporters from all over the world.


Nisha and Allen in their earlier posts have told you about what we did, and what we did not do in South Africa, I'm here to only share some of my cherished moments on this short trip.

John and our ride into Johannesburg:


The man who took us around the streets of Johannesburg, talking about every monument or street on our way from the Airport to The Hotel. John has a wife and three daughters and is currently working as a cab driver to support his daughters education after retiring as an active metallurgist. Sadly, it was only the drive from the Airport to Hotel and vice versa that we got to spend with him.

Nelson Mandela Square:

To watch little kids play around the water fountain and their parents chase them with camera's is one fond memory I carry. It was a beautiful setting for family's to have a small picnic while still being in an atmosphere surrounded by a number of seafood and multicusine restaurants. Located adjacent to the Sandton City mall, it also makes for a perfect shopping destination to all international brands..

Hotel 'The RAJ' and 'Is everything alright' Austin:
Located within the Sandton city mall, The Raj is a fine dining Indian Restaurant with a good vegetarian menu. The taste, very Indian, The quantity, very African. For people with average apetite, The RAJ serves a lot of food in quantity.

Most Memorable Moment was a conversation with a waiter Austin, who made our stay welcoming and comfortable. Thanks to him and the quality of food, we dined for almost every meal at The RAJ.

South African Airways and the Special Meal:
Flying South African Airways is an experience. Though it was only a one hour flight, being served a special vegetarian meal while the other two wait for theirs is pretty awesome! Talking to a few Durban locals gave you an insight into what we should be doing and what not..

Logan, our pick up in Durban. A man of Indian origin, but very South African. He wanted to show us places, but we wanted to see the players, and nisha wanted to Shop :-\ Thankfully the hotel was only across the beach, on the sidewalk of which was a local market where you could bargain for stuff.

Pier 107, a forgettable dining experience, for not having anything on the menu that said 'vegetarian', not so much for people who enjoyed beer. [No photo]

Kingsmead Durban: Yes, This is one of my fondest memory of the trip. To being seated in a crowd of Indians in a Non Indian venue. Being seated with fans who wore a Chennai Super King Jersey, a Mumbai Indian cab, but yet calling out bad statements for RCB. Being seated surrounded by Mumbai Indian fans on the seats in front of you and behind you and yet being able to enjoy the game cheering for the team u support is an experience to remember.

Amazing Support!

A few more supporters.. (Sadly no real fan jerseys were available anywhere around Durban!)

[Mighty 14, But the Mumbai Supporters got me to go silent for a while raspberry]

[The man of the moment, a food vendor who knew the incorrect way of singing Mumbai Indians theme song to attract attention, at one point got almost everyone in the stand to sing along! Super fun!]

[The RCB flag was held up high until the last moment of the match]

We lost by two runs, but at the end of it all, we were friends, and we were on TV smile

Breakfast with Disha, Shireen, Gautam, Dhruv and a few RCB Cricketers

[and btw, that is Gautam Bhimani, Thanks girls for introducing us!]

Beauty in the night, super cool in the morning,North Beach and South Beach, Durban. Step on 1 of the 6 decks and feel like being the king of the world!

WE then flew out of Durban into Johannesburg, did a lot of shopping for Nisha and headed back home on a peaceful flight back home. It was an experience that i will cherish for a long time, Thanks to RCB!


PS: For the full album, go here and here.

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haha! did a lot of shopping for Nisha eh??

Beautiful post! Covered it all Kunal. Also, nice that you had a lovely dream that lasted as long as this! So jealous!
natasha@RCB on 05 Oct 2010, 05:31 AM