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Share with us how close is the team to your heart or that one moment that gave you goosebumps .

If “balance” were a building, RCB would be the architects.

T20 cricket huh? Just another run in the park. Splash your cash on 3 hefty souls with huge bats and you're done. 


Thank sweet Pearl that's not the modus operandi for RCB!

Time and again RCB has proved what a good balance to the squad can do. It only seems apt to re-emphasize on that, what with virtually 3 players for every spot in the team, you can't dare disagree.

A top soccer manager once stated that a good squad is one that can boast of having 3 players for every position in the team- 3 top class, QUALITY players.

There's no need to mention the names of the players that fit the bill for RCB. But it should be remembered that besides motivation,perseverance,team spirit and a hunger to win(not to mention, the AWESOME fan following raspberry ) this aspect has played a SIGNIFICANT role in what the team has achieved today. 4 can-be-keepers, nearly 8 can-be-openers, and the same number of holding allrounders-c um-batsmen. I don't see too many other teams showing such a special dimension  to their success. But then again, they haven't really suceeded have they? wink

It's the balance that RCB has, as compared to the others which depend on star power. It's this balance which holds them in good stead in the long run, even if they look shaky in the middle. In the broader picture, RCB paints the brightest shade.

Go RCB!!!

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