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If i could be Mr.Jennings for a match!

After being at the top n considered hot favourites for the title, RCB is currently facing loads of criticism from enraged fans! here is what i would have done as the RCB coach.

Of the wealth of top class foreign players, I would have the main allrounder Kallis, Steyn Ross n Petersen. Some fans will argue about not having these  4 but i think its the approach to the game thats affecting RCB than these player's capabilities. The evergreen Dravid is used as plan B by Jennings for any required damage repair or if Kallis falls early. But why not change the approach as 'why fear, when Dravid is here!'? For a 20 over innings, u dont need anyone to place anchor till the end. Even shorter brisk knocks will help. N if anyone is required to play the anchor, why not it be the great Dravid while others take on the bowling! A 20 ball 35 from kallis will better than his 40+ball 50. He is in great form n capable of accelerating if he desires to. He has the technique to deal with good bowling. Some who think Merwe should replace him should understand that he is bit reckless n unreliable. He has aggressive intent but not the class to deal with good pace or spin bowling. White may replace Kallis but Kallis seems to have done a better job than him so far. Finally, a 180/7 is a better score than 160/4. So the big guns should  keep a high runrate by taking some risks fearlessly while Dravid will hold the batting at the other end. Kallis n Pandey should aim play at 9 rpo. I will have KP at 3 to keep the runrate high even if wicket falls n Dravid bats at 4. Virat, Robin n Ross will provide the fireworks at the end! Many fans are irritated by KP's poor show last match.  but he has destroyed top Aus & SA bowling attacks on his own n is capable of doing what our immensely loved Rosco can do!

My main pacers will be PK n Steyn with kallis used as the 5th bowler. Steyn provides the extra firepower to the otherwise similar paced bowling lineup. Appanna should play if the pitch suits in place of Vinay. No need of Mithun as he doest seem much better than Vinay who is also handy with the bat. An intense 'yorker' sessions is what i will often have for our pacers. look what impact Malinga does with his superb yorkers! Let our pacers bowl atleast 2 yorkers n 1 good short ball per over. Pace variation is a big key which our bowler need to do wisely. 

So with the above team combination n the approach 1) Dravid gets utilised well thus delight his huge fan base. 2) runrate will improve. 3) Bowling gets more formidable. 4) good balance between bowling n batting

Therefore increases RCB's chances of winning!!!

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Latest comments

I think we need to ensure that folks such as Robin and Rosco who can be game changer's are sent upfront whether batting first or chasing. You don't want them to be facing the last couple of overs or coming in when the asking rate is 12 per over. Also Virat shud be freed up of his responsibility to maintain his wicket and asked to go after the bowling. If Kallis, KP and Virat are all asked to maintain their wicket, why the heck do you need Dravid in the playing eleven.

For today's match I would go with the foll players:
Kallis, Manish, Robin, Rosco, Virat, White/Boucher, Dravid, Praveen, Vinay/Appanna, Steyn, Kumble.

As for batting strategy, Kallis and Pandey to open and for god sake lose the conservative approach. Pandey shud go for his strokes from the word go. Irrespective of who gets out Robin to follow and play his natural game. Rosco and Virat shud follow and play their natural game as well. In case this does not work and we lose to many wicket Dravid shud come in to stabilize or else White/Boucher continues the party and Dravid drops in only if he gets a chance;-)
sampath-shetty on 08 Apr 2010, 10:31 PM
Anil n Ray have been wise at not selecting merwe but being conservative in their approach by not asking kallis to be aggressive. Merwe as a batsman is like a gamble. there is no dependability. I would play kallis b4 Merwe any time. I dont see Kallis, Kp n ross being dropped. I think Steyn will replace White. N we will win matches with these 4 if i mentioned strategy in the blog is applied. I repeat that we have lost bcoz of wrong approach n not becoz of player's incapabilities. besides, DD were bowling excellently on a difficult track to bat. Other teams batting 2nd there have also struggled to play strokes.
HOLMES on 08 Apr 2010, 10:31 PM
decide on what you want to say.. are anil n jennings making the right strategies or not.... u are saying that they are not fools when they decided to drop merwe drop merwe and made the right strategy.. So are they fools to ask kallis to bat slowly or less aggressively, something which has been costing us matches(u urself has accepted that , they just need to change this one strategy and ask to bat kallis a little more aggressively )

According to you, they have made a right decision in dropping merwe and also a wrong one in asking kallis to bat less aggressively and play the anchor.. So what are they, fools or not..

and in the two scenarios:

we have kallis playing slowly in one and frustrating us to the core, also making no efforts to win the match

In the other we have the freak Merwe, going bang bang or atleast trying to.. Here we have a 50 50 chance..

atleast I prefer the latter
raghukumar1 on 08 Apr 2010, 11:54 AM
well, anil n ray are no fools. merwe could really create such an impact with the bat n ball, he wouldnt have been dropped. N i feel confident we can win matches with kallis n Kp. I already mentioned tht u dont need an long inning player in T20. I again stress that kallis is playing like he is being askd to do. if its decided that kallis attacks n Dravid holds the batting, u will see a different kallis. N kallis has scored agaisnt murali, warne n kumble n knows how to play spinners. i was just an off day on a difficult track that he found it tough. Merwe being freaky can work either ways. he may smash a avg. bowler or length balls for plenty n win matches. but he is certainly poor agaisnt good bowling variations. he is a reckless slogger who can score big if luck goes his way. I dont think he is going to get a chance n rightly so. play appanna insted if u need a support spinner.
HOLMES on 08 Apr 2010, 11:28 AM
actually now I would like to change my stance a little, afte reading the interview with kp on this site.. The guy has so bluntly aid , that he will not be fussed as long as he is sent at 3 or 4.. what does that mean.. he cannot adjust his batting position...That attitude is harmful.. A player has to be flexible atleast sometimes thinking off the team compaed to a player with such an attitude, it is ok to have an average player like kallis
raghukumar1 on 08 Apr 2010, 11:10 AM
I dont agree with u on batting strategy . Kp at 1 down s a bad choice. We hav 2 big hitters better to send one of them at one down n and the other one at the 3rd down. Replace kp by merve . That ll balance the wing of both bowling n batting . Our fav dravid at 2of down would be a better choice or even opening s much better.
iSujith on 08 Apr 2010, 11:00 AM
one... yes I prefer Merwe over kallis but I didbt say he is a better batsman..

two... This format, is 20 overs.. Now where did this concept of anchoring come from. Anchoring is just too strong a term to be even use here.. it is what Rahul dravid and VVS did in kkolkata when they batted six sessions together.. Kallis as a batsman has been asked to do that.. Are the set of batsmen comprising, Rahul, Virat, Ross, Merwe, Manish Pandey, Robin Uthappa, Cameron White so incompetent that they cannot last 20 overs and score at a better rate than kallis.. Sorry, but I think noe and many will agree..

three.. I wanted to include Merwe for two reasons

one .. he is a far far better 2020 bowler than kallis and has a great pairing with kumble cjoking one end up.. This has been proved in the past and kallis is just an atrocius bowler in this format conceding boundaries like he is on a charity mission.. the records bear the testimony to that

and as far as reading the wrong ones, slower balls goes, I would want you to rewind the tapes and see, kallis was a joke against Mishra and vettori..
So theres no reason for him to actually warrant his place.. Merwe on the other hand has won some matches for south africa purely on his big hitting.. hes not the most conventional batsmen out there but hes definitely a freak batsmen..

when the asking rate is soaring over 9-10, I and I believe many would like to see a freakish big hitting batsman on the crease rather than the one who frustrates taking singles till victory goes beyond our reach..

I hope all my points are logical..
raghukumar1 on 08 Apr 2010, 10:43 AM
I think the batting order should be Manish, Kallis, KP,Kohli,Rosco, Robbie,Dravid. Last match there were too many dot balls in the beginning. We should concentrate on stealing singles if we are not able to score big like in the last match. In the powerplay we should aim at scoring 60 runs.
madhusudan-kallavi on 08 Apr 2010, 10:40 AM
@raghu- U said u will prefer Merwe over kallis. tell me how he is a better batsman than kallis. i have seen him getting easily fooled by wrong ones, slower balls, flight n short balls.
@mahesh- Its seems a strategy that kallis should bat long n so he mayb trying not to take risk. that doesnt mean he can't hit! I hav said tht approach is the problem not the player ability. he is a modern day great n has enuf skill n class to attack atleast in the powerplays. U dont always need past instances to prove. if he is givn the license to attack freely, we will see a diffrent kallis. White is a big hitter n shud replace kallis if he can improve as a bowler to bowl tight overs. but over all, kallis lends more balance to the team at the moment.
DD were bowling well tht too on a difficult track to bat in the 2nd innings. Thts y KP struggled. he has hit a 12 ball 23* n 44 ball matchwinning 66. dont judge him by 1 bad innings!
I dont feel we are going to see Kallis, KP n ofcourse Ross getting dropd. thus Steyn will replace White. Merwe is highly unlikely to get a chance.
HOLMES on 08 Apr 2010, 10:28 AM
I think we had a long discussion wre I did mention some logical cricketing points what kallis lacks to score runs aggressively and you just argued with that one statement "NO, I STILL THINK HE HAS THE ABILITY" without actually quoting any instance where he has shown he could score quicky against quality attacks.. I guess its just the case of sticking to our points.. But the point is, whether he has the ability or no ability, why should he be given the chance.. he has been getting them since ipl season 1.. I hink others get the same length of rop that he has got
raghukumar1 on 08 Apr 2010, 09:24 AM
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