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India vs Pakistan cricket history

Since the time of partition of India in 1947,which led to the formation of an independant Pakistan,relations between India and Pakistan has started getting hostile towards each other.

This hostility even got carried to the fields of sports,like cricket as people started taking it as platform to prove the superiority of their own country. As a result of the conflict, these matches between India and Pakistan has always been very high voltage matches,dragging full house audiences always.Later on, these cricket matches only became a media of resuming good relations between these arch-rivals and reducing the bilateral tensions between them…royal challengers

Some evident incidents from the history that intensified and worsened the relations between India and Pakistan in the field of cricket

The Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 and subsequent Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 put a hold on India-Pakistan cricket that lasted till 1978.

In the post-1971 period, politics became a direct factor in the holding of cricketing events.

India has suspended cricketing ties with Pakistan several times following terrorist attacks or other hostilities.

British Coloniel Rule too was a major cause which gave rise to this arch-rival relationship between India and Pakistan.

In 2008 the attack on the Sri Lankan team in Pakistan stripped off Pakistan from its co-hosting status in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

 Steps taken to mend relations between India Pakistan and restore their cricketing ties.

The resumption of cricketing ties in 1978 came with the emergence of heads of government in both India and Pakistan who were not directly connected with the 1971 war and coincided with their formal initiatives to normalize bilateral relations.Cricketing politics like inviting the Pakistani President Zia-ul-Haq, for the India Pakistan test match held in Jaipur,was executed in 1978.In 1999 Indian Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Pakistan,after which Pakistan toured India for Test matches and played in an ODI competition.Again in 2003,the peace initiative taken by out Prime Minister,led to India touring Pakistan after almost 15 years .These kind of tours were continued only uptil 2006 before the Mumbai attacks in 2008,which led to the cancellation of 2009 planned India’s tour of Pakistan and also further ties with Pakistan.During the World cup in 2011, India and Pakistan qualified for the first semi-final in Chandigarh, India, and the Indian government invited the Pakistani prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to watch the match along with his Indian counterpart, Dr. Manmohan Singh India.Finally in 2012 BCCI invited Pakistan to tour India for 3 ODIs and 2 T20s and with this ,the bilateral ties were resumed.

Pakistan became a permanent member of the International Cricket Council in 1948, and their tour of India was their first in Test cricket history
In 1948 Pakistan lossed to India in Delhi in their first ever test match in cricket history.Pakistan won the second test in Lucknow but again loosed the last in Bombay.

     India vs Pakistan ODI & Test history…

An overall total of 59 tests and 124 ODIs has been played between India and Pakistan.In both the formats Pakistan has proved themselves as the stronger side with a maximum of 12 wins in Tests and 72 wins in ODIs.

Tournaments played

India and Pakistan has been part of multinational tournaments like World Cup,ICC World T20,Asia Cup,ICC World ODI and ICC Champions Trophy,where Pakistan again has comparatively been the superlative team as per the results.But it has been seen dat India has never loosed a match to Pakistan in a World Cup match.Even in case of the T20Is India has won a majority of 3 matches out of 5 matches where Pakistan has won just a single one.Again in Champions Trophy matches, Pakistan has remained unbeaten against India till now.

Overall Test records (Since 1952) 

S# Year Venue Total India Pakistan Drawn
1. 1952/53 India 5 2 1 2
2. 1954/55 Pakistan 5 - - 5
3. 1960/61 India 5 - - 5
4. 1978/79 Pakistan 3 - 2 1
5. 1979/80 India 6 2 - 4
6. 1982/83 Pakistan 6 - 3 3
7. 1983/84 India 3 - - 3
8. 1984/85 Pakistan 2 - - 2
9. 1986/87 India 5 - 1 4
10. 1989/90 Pakistan 4 - - 4
11. 1998/99 India 2 1 1 -
12. 1998/99 Asian Test Championship 1 - 1 -
13. 2003/04 Pakistan 3 2 1 -
14. 2004/05 India 3 1 1 1
15. 2005/06 Pakistan 3 - 1 2
16. 2007/08 India 3 1 - 2
  Total 59 9 12 38
First match: 1st Test at Delhi - Oct 16-18, 1952, India won by an innings and 70 runs
Last match: 3rd Test at Bangalore - Dec 8-12, 2007, Match drawn


India v Pakistan - One-Day Internationals (Since 1978)

Total Played: 122

India won: 47

Pakistan won: 71

No Result: 4

First Match: 1st ODI, India won by 4 runs at Ayub National Stadium, Quetta, on Oct 01, 1978

Last Match: 2nd ODI, Pakistan won by 85 runs at Eden Gardens, Kolkata on Thursday Jan 3, 2013


India vs Pakistan - Twenty20 Internationals (Since 2007)

Total Played: 5

India won: 3 
Tied : 1 (India win by bowled out) 
Pakistan : 1 
First Game : ICC World Twenty20 - 10th match, Group D, Match tied (India won the bowl-out) at Kingsmead, Durban (neutral venue), on September 14, 2007
Last Game : 2nd T20 - India won by 11 runs , Sardar Patel Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad on Dec 28, 2012.

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