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IPL 5 Analysis - Look at all the IPL teams

T20 is unpredictable, people at the bottom last year may well be in top 4, also momentum and winning 3-4 games at a time may prove vital ...

Till now IPL has thrown new indian lads on the screen, last season it was Paul Valthaty, Rahul Sharma and soon. But it is consistent of the teams who have done well, with RCB, CSK and MI doing well in last two seasons ..

Delhi DareDevils :

At the Auction : Good buys in batting, KP and Mahela are in good form.

Strength : Top Order Batting

Weakeness : Consistency, Key Foreign Recruits injured / not available ..

Pre Tournament Marks : 6/10 (Can upset a few with very good picks, can they cross boundary line?)

Key Allrounders : Indian (Irfan Pathan), Others (Andre Russell)

Pune Warriors :

Summary : No Participation, No Yuvraj and few final additions to the squad. Can pune warriors surprise everybody this season?

Find of the IPL IV : Can Rahul Sharma prove again post india cap?

Key Leader : Ganguly hasnt had best in IPL's, needs to sprinkle the off side magic of his batting + inspire his team too ..

High Expectations on : Uthappa

Pre Tournament Marks : 5 / 10 (Team that need to step up, new squad, new captain, new franchise base ...)

Deccan Chargers :

Summary : A team that is so good but not so good, confusing, yes thats how there team looks. A interesting mix, some injuries and loss of key players, they need to play out of there skins ..

Who will repeat performance of : Ojha, Rohit Sharma and RP Singh again ..

Two Keepers : May prove to be two vital batsman, parthiv and sangakkara need to take the attack to the opposition early in the match

Lesser Known indian players : Is there a manish pandey, rahul sharma or paul valthaty there in this squad?

Pre Tournament Marks : 5 / 10 (Looking at squad, injuries, loss of key players seems to suggest they are not anywhere near to being favourites)

Rajasthan Royals :

Every match home or away, everyone would be cheering the wall. Will that be enough for the team to repeat there I IPL heroics.

Need to Handle : whoozz that, lets see what sreesanth is upto these days ..

Young indian players galore : Ajinkya Rahane, watch out for him ..

Pack the Punch : Shane Watson

Pre Tournament Marks : 7 / 10 (For dravid, for lots of indian players, for can do spirit they have shown each season

Kings XI Punjab :

Gilly, you beauty!! who else .. will it again be a blast at the end and a little to late, lets see ..

Look out for : Azhar Mahmood, David Hussey

A lot depends on : How gilly handles lesser known indian players ..

Has PK lost the shine after playing ODI's in subcontinent, he would be there key pacer

Pre Tournament Marks : 7 / 10 (Underdogs, gilly needs to lead from the front, much like DC need to play consistent, no nonsense cricket)

Kolkata Knight Riders :

4th after being billed as a very good team, need to play well to move one notch higher

Big Players : Lots of them unlike some of the teams, which is there advantage as well may put pressure on them.

Good pick @ Auctions : MCCullum

Settled Unit : Seems to have a mix of some very seasoned campaigners and good indian players

Looking forward to : Shakib Al Hasan, Sunil Narine

Yusuf needs to fire and consistently do so ..

Pre Tournament Marks : 8 / 10 (One of the favourites, good batting line up and proven allrounders)

 Mumbai Indians :

CLT20 winners and doing well in last two IPL's.

Much relieved after 100th 100, sachin should be raring to go ..

In form : Pollard got some runs away from IPL against aussies, he will again be the key ..

Indians : T Suman, Ali Murataze need to continue there good work from last season ..

Will the former DC's make an impact : Well they will be regulars in the MI team throughout the season ..

Pre Tournament Marks : 7 / 10 (Need to start well, have good chances this time too ..)

Chennai Super Kings :

Consistency personified, is dhoni and co tired after back to back series, we will soon find out ..

Very settled unit : Team ethic and unity has been there key and msd has truly binded them always.

Will jadeja prove his worth? : His form isnt good, but they have to pick him in XI for the money they have payed

Strengths : Batting

Pre Tournament Marks : 8 / 10 (Past success, but need to be careful other teams are raring to go this time ..)

Royal Challengers Bangalore :

Gayle Gallore, Virat at top of his game, Vinay kumar back and in good T20 form ..

Need to keep a check on there : Middle Order batting, winning pressure games

Whom to fit in top 4 : Gayle, AB, Vettori?

Fast Bowling Dept is lead by ZAK and may well prove to be a key factor to restrict opposition

Pre Tournament Marks : 8 / 10 (Huge fan support, batting prowess and good recruits in bowling make them favourites again)


So here we are again with a IPL nearing, who will win, no body can exactly say, but i can surely say this time we may have a surprise or too and top 5 may not have all the regulars ..

Best of Luck to all teams and may the best which is RCB wins smile

Sachin RCB FAN








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