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Jacques Kallis - In The Eye Of The Storm

The legendary Jacques Kallis, the architect of RCB's impending entry into semifinals, started off brilliantly and seems to be running out of steam now. An overview of his performance

royal challengers 




royal challengers


Unlike my previous posts with long stories, this time I prefer to say it in one picture, derived from 1 table!


How to read this chart:


1. The 3 lines refer to 1) Kallis score as % of Team Score (Bottom Most Line) 2) Kallis Strike Rate (Middle Line)  3) Team Strike Rate (the blue colored Top Line)

2. The red dots indicate where Kallis stands in matches lost by RCB.

3. In all 14 matches, Kallis has been an opener.

4. Some teams believe in a blazing start, others believe in a steady start followed by a blazing finish. This is a philosophy that can be argued both ways with equal intensity.

5. In the matches that RCB has lost, Kallis' strike rate has been way below Team Strike Rate (which itself would have been way below Target Strike Rate). Match 1 is an exception

6. In the matches that RCB has won, it is common knowledge that Kallis played a major role in the initial string of wins and has slipped thereafter.

I am aware that Team RCB has an analyst and they will be looking into all these. This is more for the discerning RCB Fan who may be intrested in this.

Let's hope the genius strikes back - first at the opponents and then at his critics - and take RCB safely to title win!

As I finish this post, CSK needs 4 runs from 3 balls - hats off to Dhoni who has taken it on himself to spearhead the finish!



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Latest comments

This is How can KKR qualify : Bat 1st : Beat MI by about 175 runs. Bat 2nd : Allow MI to score 283. Then score 284 in one ball. :)
Rishabh-Rajput on 20 Apr 2010, 03:20 AM
ha ha.. if you say so mr.analyst
raghu-kumar1 on 20 Apr 2010, 12:36 AM

Ganguly must do a 100 m sprint, running backward, in under 12 seconds to get a run rate ahead of RCB!

Sit back, realx and enjoy the Kingfisher flight man, why bother about KKR's chances of making it to semis? Ganguly himself has given up!

Their only hope was of CSK losing and DD beating DC by a good margin of at least 30 runs.
Raghunath on 20 Apr 2010, 12:33 AM
raghunath, can you tell us some scenaios of what kkr must do to enter semis or rather what they should fail to do so that we enter semis.. I know we are practically in but still just out of curiosity..
raghu-kumar1 on 20 Apr 2010, 12:17 AM
I perfectly understand what you say but I believe the definition of an anchor is a little different for the team management as opposed to what you have mentioned. Exactly the reason why we are losing..
raghu-kumar1 on 19 Apr 2010, 11:53 PM
@raghu-kumar1 and @buff

2 anchors are needed - one to hold the top and other to prevent a lower order collapse. Dravid & Kallis fill these roles perfectly.

Dravid should be the top order anchor - he scores much faster than Kallis. Kallis could be the lower order anchor.

Being an anchor doesn't mean he can consume 30% of the balls to score 20% of the target. In other words, if 100 runs in 60 bals is the target, if the anchor takes 18 balls to score 20 runs, others have 42 balls to score 80 runs. The anchor has a strike rate of 110 and others should score with a strike rate of nearly 200. This puts pressure on others, they take risks and fail.

If the anchor cannot metamorphose into a slogger, he should get out after a maximum of 20 balls if sent as opener and 8 balls if sent lower down.


1. Pandey looks out of sorts and is finding this IPL to be a different planet. A frank assessment of his frame of mind has to be done before selecting him.

2. Kallis is huge asset - if his batting order is rectified.

3. Taylor's failures are hurting us badly. White is an option. Morgan is itching to be given another chance.

4. Sloppy fielding could be the result of concentration lapse or over-anxiety.

5. Plenty to learn from DC and CSK - they peaked at the right time, showed killer instinct and adrenaline in super abundance.

6. In contrast, lets admit frankly - RCB has been lucky to get this far! The 'sting and sharpness" of the first 4 victories has been missing. Time to depend on abilities rather than luck!

My analysis is like the X-Ray report of a radiologist. It's for the physicians and surgeons to act. NOW!
Raghunath on 19 Apr 2010, 11:20 PM
I understand that kallis didn't fare well in the recent matches...but you can't keep him out....if u watch the strategy of RCB in 2 IPL's. Kallis is not sent as pitch hitter...he is playing sheet anchor role...he has to keep rotating strikes...and other batsmen will fire at the opponents...once he gets settled then he starts looking for a big hits...that is how he plays his game and has been successful in both IPL's....you can't blame only kallis for the loss that we have undergone in the recent matches...the blames goes to complete team...for ex: last games kallis got out then somebody should have stayed back and palyed the role what kallis was playing...but no did it...at if somebody played the sheet anchor role then we could at least improved on our run rate...ultimately nobody did that...everybody forgot the run rate....lucky that rest of the teams did not have a good run rate...or else we were at soup....

And also Kallis can also bowl and get a break throughs in the game which is very important...I don't think replacement for kallis would be a sensible move....As of now I see only one change get praveen kumar instead of pankaj gupta...or if guys still look for change for kallis then van de merwe...
buff on 19 Apr 2010, 09:04 PM
Good analysis Raghunath. But I think, we might miss the point solely based on stats here. It is never, I mean never right to take an overview of a players performance in such a tournament for reasons being:

It is a long drawn tournament and a player who might play well in the beginning may lose his form. kallis being a case in example here. So the inclusion of a player should not be based on the overview of his performance, rather than his recent performances.

Secondly, even if an anchor has played well and contributed(please remember kallis has only contributed and is not the sole architect of our wins if not for a certain Mr.Uthappa) in our wins, he bloody well is capable of single handedly dragging us to defeat as well.. Unfortunately the negative performances outweigh his contributions in the win. I feel it is just fair that he is dropped since he hasnt performed, rather has put undue pressure on other batsmen..
raghu-kumar1 on 19 Apr 2010, 11:06 AM
Sorry little boy, this was not meant for an 11 year old boy! This is more meant for an Online RCB Reference Library if and when it is set up in future!

But let me try to make you understand with a simple example:

Let's say you have to play a cricket match for your class team against another team - lets say a 5-a-team, 20 ball match. In one match, you are the only one to bat well and other 4 screw up by playing defensive shots.

In rival team 2 fail, 3 play well and they win.

You play 14 such matches. Only in 1st match you played well, in all other matches you didn't play well. This means your performance went down.

When you are a small boy, you should enjoy playing slide with friends - the faster you slide, the bigger your wins are.

When you become a BIG BOY, it is a shame to play slide. Yopu should only climb hills. The more hills you climb, the faster you climb (which means 'steeper the slope'), the bigger your wins are.

You have to see how many times Kallis Uncle climbed the hills and how many times he went down the slide. That will tell you if Kallis Uncle really played well or not :)

Also, count how many of Kallis Uncle's 'Points' are above the team and how many below. Try to do a similar thing for other players yourself. Make it your school project at annual school exhibition!

I am delighted an 11 year old read this and even took the trouble of commenting on it!

:-) :-)
Raghunath on 19 Apr 2010, 10:19 AM
Really RCB have to go for some gambling for the next matches ! Should send Kalis at no 5 or 6.start with kholi and Praveen kumar.I suggest this line up
2:praveen Kumar
7:Uttappa(Can send him anythine , according to the situation)
8:Pande (Can send him if Dravid or KP fell early )
11 Kumble

In this senarion banglore have batsman till no 8 ! And if PK took quick runs , it will be good .See Sending pandey and Kalis top in the batting line up is really reducing the pace of the innings .When chasing a score of 180 + initial 6 overs u should get 60 + even if y lose 2 wkts , it is OK for middle order to bat through the innings. Instead of 60 if u get 30 and lose 2 wkts , team will be under

pressure( runrate will up by 1.5 runs ) . So try for this gamble for the semi final
sukeshan on 19 Apr 2010, 10:08 AM
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