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KKR vs RCB: A party at Eden

Surrounded by 10,000 screaming KKR fans in the J block at Eden Gardens, the Chiefs watched as Mathews and Tiwari took the first match away from RCB.

RCB key performers


Jacques Kallis. He collected his fifty as inconspicuously as our neighbours consumed their Bijali Green (a well-known Kolkata restaurant) food packets, and timed some lovely drives and paddle sweeps. 


If I could, I would have.. 


Magically reconstructed the stadium for this year's IPL. 45,000 fans is atmosphere enough, but 110,000 would have been just something else. 


Crowd Meter 


A mix of the vocal, passionate and learned.  Every time a batsman would walk out to bat, three men behind us would launch into a discussion of their deeds at the ground. 


The Mexican waves were a huge success, and with practise, people of all ages participated. One time it even touched five rounds. Some energy. 


Surprisingly sparse in the afternoon session, the crowd swelled as KKR came on to bat, and from then on, the decibel levels rose and rose. And to quote Tony Greig's famous line, people were actually dancing in the aisles.




The DJ played to the crowd by playing Om Shanti Om and Jai Ho repeatedly, Shah Rukh did his bit by waving whenever he was on the big screen and sending the crowds into a frenzy, but the atmosphere in the stand was enhanced by a dholak band that refused to let go of the teen maar throughout the match, and hundreds in the stand obliged by doing a jig when the others tired out. 


With the result being what it was, it amounted to a lot of dancing. 


Special mention: Kenny from South Park was featured in a dancing jig on the big screen and the teenage girls two rows ahead squealed in joy, their day made. 


Shot of the day


With the innings needing some direction, Rahul Dravid walked in and essayed a classic cover drive for four in the tenth over. Eden has been witness to them before. but under lights, in Red & Gold, it was simply majestic. All the ladies in the J stand swooned. 


Taunt of the day


Our red jerseys stood out in the sea of purple, and we'd been getting the "Aye Chief Blogger, kya hua tumhare team ko?" jabs all evening but this one took the cake. 

After Manoj Tiwari's fourth four, a ten year old in front of us looked back, smiled gleefully at us and mocked most innocently, "It's not your day. Better luck next time!" 


Grade Sheet


Decent entertainment. If only the result was inverted. B


Watch this space for tidbits on the post match fun and games at the hotel. Till then, Ciao!

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Latest comments

@Amit-Monteiro: There's a plan in there somewhere, Monty. Hopefully, we'll see the fruits soon!

@Jamwall: My pleasure completely, Gourav. Despite the result, I hope you guys had a great time. To RCB! And yes, we can only get better from here.

@Dips: Thanks Dipti. Stay tuned!

@MischiefgalCandi: Thanks Candi! We were entering the J Block stand when we spotted you Mischief Gals head into the ground.

Despite the loyalties, KKR fans in my stand loved the energy of your team. There's no doubt who won the Cheerleading contest!

Onto home ground now! Turn it up a notch, shall we? ;)
aneeshsurender on 16 Mar 2010, 01:09 PM
A good article
MischiefGalCandi on 16 Mar 2010, 07:44 AM
Good going Aneesh, best of luck...
Dips on 16 Mar 2010, 07:10 AM
Hello Aneesh,
I just want to thank you for lovely conversation with us at ITC.You really eased out our oddness or tension whatever it was.It was very nice of you to be host at ITC and showed us around..You are really a nice,humble guy.Keep it going dude...

Yeah,Its true that KKR fan kept on booing us and greeted with water packets but more than that defeat of RC made me depressed..

You simply rock as will Bangalore from the next match onwards.Right?

And thanks again..
JamWall on 16 Mar 2010, 05:39 AM
Shrivats Goswami, Manish Pandey and Virat Kohli AHEAD of Eoin Morgan, Rahul Dravid and Robin Uthappa? AND Roelod Van Der Merwe?! What u upto Jumbo!
Amit-Monteiro on 15 Mar 2010, 11:21 PM
@Alwzchamps: Glad you liked the article. Plenty more to come :)

@Sam: Thanks mate. More the merrier. Looks like the US is a good target market for this blog too :)

@Nilesh: Can't wait for Mumbai. I hear the stadium's excellent and the crowds have always been fantastic there. But first, Bangalore!

@Nidhi: We should have a part of every stand filled with our RCB 10 year olds. When they talk (taunt), all you can do is smile. What fun.

@Disha: I wouldn't mind if we went bang-bang tomorrow. A cracker of a match at home would be just the balm.
aneeshsurender on 15 Mar 2010, 10:59 PM
@Suvosaha: Water packets were thrown?! Sorry to hear that mate. Shameful. I hope no one from the Mighty 14 was hurt. And while we were taunted, there was no threat of physical harm. And yeah, I hope we can turn it around in Bangalore!
aneeshsurender on 15 Mar 2010, 10:51 PM
*back with a bang* in my previous comment.
disha-shetty on 15 Mar 2010, 09:12 PM
Toughluck! Outplayed in every dept.
Such jabs were expected from the home crowds at the Indian Mecca of Cricket. We should be bang with a bang tomorrow, preferably with a better team considering the limited options that we have.
disha-shetty on 15 Mar 2010, 09:11 PM
So tempted to take our own 10 year old RCB fan to a match with us now!!

@Siva - very strict no camera policy at Eden Gardens
nidhi@RCB on 15 Mar 2010, 08:22 PM
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