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KXIP vs RCB: Preview

Rahul and Rosco share some laughs and Kallis delights the Mighty 14 as RCB prepares to take on KXIP.


Mood in the camp 



It was etched on the faces of the players in the team meeting prior to the match. Having pored through detailed strategies for today's game in various meetings since last evening, the squad looked rested and raring to go as Ray Jennings delivered his key messages.


Rosco received loud cheers from the squad on his arrival at the meeting,  and there's no doubt his popularity. Will he play? Find out at the toss!


Manish and Mithun briefly hit the shopping arcade in the morning, while PK, who loves home made food, was delighted to have a preparation whipped up by Ramesh Mane, the team masseur who's lovingly called 'Kaka' by the players.   


Later in the afternoon, the Mighty 14 were pleasantly surprised when Jacques turned out to hand over their jerseys, say hello and stay back for some quick photos.      


Rosco and Rahul chatted up through the day and joked around at the team meeting. The two of them also caught up with the chubby Piyush Chawla at lunch. The two of them towered over him and hopefully all RCB batsmen can do so at the match as well.


As the team got onto the bus to leave for the stadium, the giant signboard on the front wall drew a quiet chuckle.  


It read: "Welcome to the lions. God help the others"


That's not what the table is saying at the moment, and here's hoping RCB helps keep it that way tonight. 






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Very recently there is a post regarding interviewing RCB players...And you are looking for interesting questions from us(fan)..Can u brief me about this.?
Has Interview been done?If so, where is it?
JamWall on 03 Apr 2010, 09:00 PM
YYeah :) and God helps those who help themselves :)
sathvikrcb on 03 Apr 2010, 10:42 AM
god did really helped us tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!
natesh on 03 Apr 2010, 10:05 AM