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Share with us how close is the team to your heart or that one moment that gave you goosebumps .


It was a shock for many while our boys lost the match !

Our team won the toss but elected to field.Everybody was sure about victory as our team is in full form. But Magical number 183 ..I found it difficult to cross in one day cricket.you have to make 9 runs per over in 20 overs.

I remember the match between royal challengers rajasthan and Punjab..same number 183..Punjab lost by 37 runs..Our team lost by 17 runs !

It hurts if we lose..but it gives chance to anaylise our weaknesses...rethink about strategy ,form, examine the cause of defeat.

Any ways it is game..But defeat will make us think again about our revised strategy.. If in any case more score will be put before our team.what will be criteria?

I was watching match and RCB RCB was heard clearly.!

We had two run outs which could have been avoided..It was hasty cricket I found...runs are important...but too hasty play made the game looked very bad. I found middle order failed badly.

keep your spirit up boys...!

It is written as I care for RCB..! 

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Thanx for your support...But because of me this beatiful site should not suffer..I do not want to get this site affected adversely...I am not so ambitious person...I like cricket..Thanx anisha once again
Aruna-Desai on 30 Mar 2010, 09:56 AM
@ Holmes - I understand your concern but please do not personally attack anyones views. I will address the comments on FB in the same way.

@ Aruna - I apologize for the criticism by fans... It was beyond being 'Healthy'. It was rude. At the same time I would request you to continue writing posts.. :-)
anisha@RCB on 30 Mar 2010, 07:29 AM
Keep this site hassle free...talk about good cricket..It is beautiful site with a fanatastic theme..I am an ardent fan of RCB and concern about this site...Give good suggestions..I am here because of I am fan of RCB..thats it...One should go to my profile before making hurting comments..talk about our team..!Thanx..I will move out if RCB asks me to do so ,as I dont want to create problem to site owners.! Any suggestions?
Aruna-Desai on 28 Mar 2010, 08:51 PM
We have to show our confidence in our boys...here we are here to encourage our team...cheer them up..!
Aruna-Desai on 28 Mar 2010, 08:40 AM
@Holmes...I do not want rcb people to play role of fire brigade here...so I walk out from here...Be cool...You should not have reacted so badly..I am here as fan of RCB and One should react after reading what I meant.Everybody here reacted badly and for small err.There was a big hungama.@Wp..you are my collegue at sulekha.com . I am not a competitor here ..Age? age do not matter in any field.I am hurt really.Thanx.
Aruna-Desai on 28 Mar 2010, 08:28 AM
Sorry Mrs Desai! had no idea who was writing this. but being a big cricket fan who understands the game well, i found ur content too kiddish! i m happily surprised to know a person ur age, so enthusiastic about a T20 team! respect u for that!
HOLMES on 28 Mar 2010, 05:57 AM
But its a poor article! check out the comments received by this article on facebook. ya, u can be a fa even if ur english is not good, but the content n ideas are so poor! who doesnt know all tht!
HOLMES on 28 Mar 2010, 03:32 AM
@HOLMES this is nt english class....!! We r here jus to share !deas and thoughts..!! ppl who doesn't kno English can also be a fan of RCB..! We kno 183 figure was jus coincidence..!
VijayMallyaBoys on 28 Mar 2010, 03:15 AM
Stupid article! spoilt my mood now! all tht magical 183 is ridiculous! Its just coincidence! N who wouldnt hear 'rcb rcb' if the match is in banglore!! 'i found...i found...' as if it was so unique tht no one else realise that! Please improve ur english grammatically n but better content!
HOLMES on 28 Mar 2010, 03:06 AM
"Rajasthan Royals and Punjab..I know that..hahha "

Even I know that, but, you had mentioned "royal challengers rajasthan and Punjab". That makes three teams and I wondered what you wanted to say? Hahaha.
Wizardprince on 28 Mar 2010, 01:21 AM
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