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Mighty 14 - An Ode To Little Ritzy

I was trying to "wake my friends up from slumber and make them agree to a Get Together" at KSCA! Pleasantly surprised someone I've known has been lurking on this site without being spotted by me!

Hey, I've always known you Ritzy

Didn't you see me writing so much here

Maybe we haven't seen each other for so long

When I last saw you, you were just a little girl


You are still a little girl Ritzy

Your Dad and Mom have always had

Stories to tell, of how you've grown up

And have a mind of your own


So many stories, I'd always go off to sleep

Even before they could finish

Tell me one more story, I told your dad a while ago


We are all dumb trying to buy a ticket

Here's my Ritzy who got it for a song

Lunch with the heroes she adored

Who pleased her more with the runs they scored 

And more than a bagful of goodies to carry home!


Someone asked me why I didn't try for Mighty 14

Isn't it silly of me to try and make poor Ritzy run all over

For a ticket, running from pillar to post, hopping from Q 2 Q 


Only to be shown the way to go home

With an empty hand and a heavy heart


Congrats Ritzy, Have a great time!



Here's the trail leading to how I discovered Ritzy


Hi Banerjee
Hope you are doing fine and still in Bangalore.
After yesterday's fabulous cricket match (which I could only watch on TV!), I was just wondering if it is possible for you to get tickets for the Class of 84 in Bangalore for a match so that it could be a damn good setting for a get together!
Great if you can get "the highly privileged Executive Lounge of Lalit Modi!" or we all pay and buy! to relive the good old days when we all used to watch in the Mess at Joka, banging chairs and thumping tables and screaming till we won
Another idea could be the RCB vs CSK match on 23rd March - maybe the Chennai gang can also join in!
Wot says others?



Banerjee Replies:


On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 3:38 PM, Banerjee D wrote:


Lovely  idea.

Only  dampeners        : 

1. No  free  passes  for  IPL, even  for  U B ites. At  best , there's  a  discount  of  15%  for  us . 

2. The  Lounge  you're  referring  to  has  a  ticket  value  of  Rs  44 K per  ticket. 

3. A  decent  location  for  viewing  the  match  ( Executive Lounge -does  offer  Hospitality)         : Rs  2750/ per  ticket -of  course, less  15% 

Please  let  me  know  how  many  of  you  guys  are  interested. I'm  certainly out, thanks  to  my  enlarged  gariibi

With regards,
D Banerjee



From Vidyut Shenoy

Wed, Mar 17, 2010


Hi guys,

The smartest amongst us all turned out to be my younger daughter Rithika. She not only got a ringside seat for 3 matches, she also got to personally meet her idols - Manish Pandey, Irfan Pathan and Virat Kohli. As a bonus she got RCB merchandise, and all without paying. And she got photographed with them at ITC Gardenia.

She is one of the Mighty 14 .... Fanatic RCB Fans. You can bet she was at the stadium last evening, cheering on, when many of us felt it was a lost cause. She calls herself Ritzy on the Mighty 14 site.

Her exams are another story .. she is trying to keep awake with all the excitement.

Anyways she is living her dream...




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Latest comments

Did u write the small little poem Raghu? U are the man with a lot of words :) Having a reunion at a cricket ground is an awesome idea :)
I like the first point u make in the comments, restrict the age limit to 18, these guys deserve a more better chance given that they cannot apply to FFC. 1o most prolific bloggers, commenter, fans? How do u go about doing this? Not everyone, knows everyone online. More to say, Most of them stick to facebook or twitter for comments!
The tickets are definitely highly priced, with the advance booking of tickets, it becomes impossible to purchase one if u miss the deadline. With 44K tickets and Hospitality, the target crowd is the upper class, which is what the IPL wants right? I did get to be in a hospitality box at the finals of ACLT20 with Mr. Modi, that was free, and the experience was great.. But if i was to pay, I would have given no second thoughts about it and dropped the idea. :)
There are a lot of free tickets being given away, just that it's only being done online. For everyone who is a bigger fan than most of us, offline, nothing! May be RCB should think in these lines and offer something for the offline crowd! May be an sms contest or something. :)

If you come down to Chennai, let me know. Might as well consider joining :)

KunJan on 18 Mar 2010, 08:28 PM
1. Mighty 14 is a mighty concept - except that it will be nice if it can be made Mighty 18 and restricted to those below 18! And increase the number from 18 Fans to 180 Fans.

2. Still in a dilemma whether to be a sport and be happy with RCB or feel cheesed off for not introducing something like "10 Most Prolific Bloggers, Commenters, Fans, Ideators (Ideationers)" who kept RCBOnline alive during lean times ;)

3. The 44K kind of seats make me feel YUK! about IPL. Every conceivable disposable rupee is being targeted and grabbed by IPL! No wonder all other forms of sport will die at this rate!

3. Other tickets too are very expensive for the 'middle class'. I am aware of families that scale down 'annual holiday travel' to accommodate IPL. This is sad!

4. MJ Akbar, the journalist, once said: For the kind of money newspapers make from advertisements, they can actually distribute them free. The same probably applies to IPL too! If this can be through lottery tickets, even better and fair!

Raghunath on 18 Mar 2010, 08:06 PM