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Share with us how close is the team to your heart or that one moment that gave you goosebumps .

Cheering for the TEST team.

Hi Friends,

I'm participating in the mighty 14 contest for Bengaluru match with
the slogan which is a punch for our beloved critics who called it a test

Check out my application here


And vote for it only if u liked it. Am not asking you to vote for the
sake of it. Vote IF and ONLY IF you like it.

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Latest comments

Please send Rahul Dravid in first down. Kumble should think about this we are missing his batting. I being watching IPL only because of rahul dravid. I am disappointing all the time. He is the thrimurthy of indian cricket. He played fantastic knot in south africa. Please guys those who ever reading this blog. vote for your WALL. he will surely play well. Also he should select for world cup squad. He is fit and fine to field. Please support him......
sathishjammy on 02 Apr 2010, 06:02 AM
I don't really see this as a misuse of the blog space. Instead of asking for votes from people in the contacts of my gmail/yahoo and other IDs, I'm asking my beloved fellow RCB fans who have read through my previous blog posts and know me through them to vote for me.
Request admin to delete this post if found as a misuse.
venkataraghavan-venkataraman on 01 Apr 2010, 01:09 AM
This is misuse of blog spase!!In that case all of us can advertize our mighty 14 pages.I request tou not to put up such things henceforth
Batty on 01 Apr 2010, 12:40 AM