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My RCB Fan T-Shirt

Most of them including me just uploaded some pictures and blogs to show their Fan-hood. Is this what a Chief RCB fan responsible of??
We were showing how fanatic we are.. A Chief Fan's work is not to show how fanatic he can be, but to bring out the Fan in others..
When i discovered this point it became a googly for my mind as to what should i go on with next??
Considering to nidhi's advice i started thinking about 'an action plan for all the fans worldwide'...all i could think of, in this lil amount of time was a simple Fan T-shirt which i could design within mins.. so i started off designing one..
This design looks very simple but i had no time to put in my creativity.. anyways to respect nidhi's point to attract fans all around the world i decided to take a small but a effective step to garner fan following for RCB.
Will definitely try to make a lots of improvement in my design next time but as if now i could only manage this one.. :-/
Front (1) :

Front (2) :

Back (1) :

or Back (2) :

Left sleeves :

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Hi, Ross taylor is Rocz favor. ross plz don't go third ipl cizen another team.
rcbnandi on 04 Jul 2010, 10:19 PM