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No Major Surprises!

T20 world cup squad is announced and it's mostly on expected lines. Even the selectors springing a surprise with Chawla over Mishra not a surprise at all - at least one surprise is expected from them every time!

The team selection has happened on expected lines though some super performers of current IPL may feel left out. Unlike the first edition that India won with a team that was completely on unexpected lines treading unknown territory (remember Dravid, Sachin and Ganguly opted out at that time), this time the selectors seem to be trying to win with a fully experienced side.


First, about some known names that didnt make the cut. Ishant, Sreesanth, Tyagi. Good. They are at times predictable and go for many runs, not learning to adopt variation in bowling.


Second, the guy who should have been there in T20 but could be dropped in tests, Amit Mishra. He has repeatedly proved, especially last night against RCB, that his classical leg spin is still very much in vogue. However, selectors went in for Piyush Chawla. I cannot see regional politics here - I always thought Chawla hadn't received a fair opportunity to perform, but then, he is better suited for the longer version with his variation. He can take a wicket even when the batsmen are defensive which is the case in Tests. Mishra can take wickets mainly when the batsmen attack him as in T20. That is the subtle difference one needs to understand and choose the team on the horses for courses principle.


Third, the guy who made it through his hard work. Vinay Kumar. All have seen how nippy he is off the wicket and the number of wickets that he has taken in the last 2 matches. Despite his leading wicket taker tag in the domestic cricket, his selection must have happened mainly over his performance in the last 2 matches. This lad has made a lot of sacrifices, in fact, I read that his father has brought up his children from small means. Great job Vinay, variation is the key in the Caribbean as the pitches are similar to what we have in India (barring that beautiful track at the Chinnaswamy the other night when RCB routed Chennai). You must have learnt a trick or two from our own Praveen Kumar.


I wont write about the guys who made it on expected lines, though Nehra's lack of fitness will give more opportunities to Vinay in the final XI. Rohit Sharma ahead of Virat Kohli may raise some dissent, but its hard to choose between the two.


Guys like Saurav Tiwari, Manish Pandey, Uthappa, Dhawan may feel let down since their good show recently could not earn them a place in a team packed with allrounders. Tough luck guys, your time will come. just imagine guys like Abhishek Nayar and Abhimanyu Mithun are yet to get an IPL match, forget selection! As the selected players continue playing IPL, there will be a strong likelihood that more players may lose fitness giving an opportunity to some of these youngsters.


Of all the guys choosen, I am quite pleased with the selection of Ravindra Jadeja. I thought the selectors may overlook him with the excuse that he isnt playing in the IPL. He is a super prospect, a must have in our ODI and T20 squads. No two words about that. Except for him, and for guys like Gambhir, Nehra who are still injured, others performances in this IPL will throw more light on whether they deserved their selection or not.


RCB fans, what you say?



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Latest comments

Guys, I am not an expert (probably, no one is) though I have followed cricket for 30 years as my first love and played T20 variety for last 13 years on weekends in Bahrain. Even when I got married, my wife agreed that cricket stays my first love! Even today, after many years of marriage, she lets me play the weekend T20 cricket here in Bahrain. Just played one yesterday. Answering a specific question, I totally agree that the selection process should be completely transparent and independent, should not be the domain of BCCI alone. First of all, I strongly believe running cricket tournaments should not be the domain of BCCI alone, as ICL proved earlier. But, by being in such a dominant position, with top board seats with the central government ministers and politicians, there is hardly any say for others to organise cricket tournaments.
Now, assuming there were 2-3 independent authorities running cricket in the country, then the selection process should be handled directly by an independent authority without political involvement - just like the CAG or Election Commission. Only then fair selection process can be guaranteed. And those involved in selection should not hold any other cricket related posts - like Srikkanth being associated with Chennai Super Kings.
I am not saying that the team selected for T20 world cup is wrong, it was chosen on reputation and safety basis, selectors did not want to take any risk with youngsters. That policy is however wrong. Selecting guys on reputation is wrong, but then if they had dropped Yuvraj due to lack of form and Gambhir due to his fitness, there would have been a greater hue and cry about that!!! Wont you agree?
jamboo on 28 Mar 2010, 02:49 AM
Venkat - you have summed it up well. but just to clarify for all, when a final 15 is selected, ICC has made it clear that a player from outside the top 30 selected earlier can also be included. This is why, even Irfan Pathan was in contention like Uthappa or Tiwary, even though they were not in the 30.
Mark my words, if this Tiwary continues like this, he will leave our own Uthappa or Pandey well behind. Unless some crazy board politics play in between to ruin his chances.
No one is talking about a guy called Murali Karthik. I reckon there is no better spinner than him in India for limited overs - he is better than Harbhajan according to me. But he could not get in because the selectors wanted different types of spinners in the team and since Jadeja is there as a left arm spinner, they didnt want another left armer like Karthik or Ozha. Plus one off spinner and one leg spinner. Yousuf Pathan is not treated as a spinner, he is there as a slogger thats all. He proved it today once again, answering his critics. Anyway, the second spinner will hardly get a chance to play in the final XI as Venkat has summed up.
jamboo on 27 Mar 2010, 01:00 PM
Well guys. To answer the questions raised:
1. Why Dinesh Karthik?
We already have seen how often does Dhoni gets injured. In that case who would be the 'keeper? Please don't tell me that we can play Boucher for India in World T20. SA needs him folks!
2. Why no Utthappa?
Simple - he was not in the list of 30. Now why he was not in the list of 30? That is because of his inconsistent Ranji season and am sure he would accept it. If he has to be selected, then he has to be consistent at domestic level.
3. Why no Pandey?
With Sehwag and Gamphir already closed up for the opening slot, it is rather difficult to fit in Pandey there. Moreover, for any cricketer, it is the second season which is testing and he needs to play another domestic year to over come the second season blues. I understand he is a good prospect. But throwing him into the international stage right after one season might end up being harmful. "Pandeeee" (as Morrison would address), please do not lose hope. This is just a beginning. Give a pat on your back, concentrate on you and your game, let the runs flowing out of your bat creep into the selectors' rooms to blast the door open for u.
4. Why no Mithun?
Same as point 3. mate, let the ball speak for you.
5. Why no Kohli?
That has been the disappointment which the selectors have given as apart from Mishra's absence. Nevertheless the second spinner is not going to be an option as long as Pathan and Jadeja are there. So not much of difference if they pick Chawla or Mishra for the 4-over-max-a-bowler format. But when it comes between Sharma and Kohli, I think Sharma has got his place solely because of his experience. Moreover, I think it would be Karthik taking the batsman's place ahead of Sharma.
Virat, don't lose heart man. You are with the bunch of players who have seen it all over a decade and a half. Seek their support. Don't feel let down. Above all, your fans are here as your friends. Cheer up and enjoy the game. Show the world what are they going to miss in the Wotld T20 this year. Gear up and display!
Probable 11:
Sehwag, Gambhir, Raina, Yuvraj, Dhoni, Yousuf Pathan, Jadeja, Bhajji, Praveen, Zaheer, RP/Dinesh Karthik).
venkataraghavan-venkataraman on 27 Mar 2010, 10:17 AM
Come on Robin and Manish show the selectors(and the world) what they have missed out.. Keep up your good show and dont give a damn to these cheap stupid selectors who are more interested to get their wards in the team rather than seeing the team win the cup..
This is a totally biased team selection, its time to make the selection process more transparent by making these selectors answerable to the people of the nation and may be grant some Veto powers to the people in such cases( it looks a bit tough though as BCCI is not a government agency, but may be experts like Jamboo can come up with some suggestions)..
RobbieJ on 27 Mar 2010, 03:25 AM
Congrats to Vinay for getting selected purely on MERIT !! Manish Pandey should have performed even more impressively to get selected since he also doesn't have any Godfathers like Vinay. If he had converted his scores to 50's the chances were high !!
Jamboo you being a fanatic fan of RCB as well as cricket should know that selection was possible only within the 30 probables selected on Feb 25th. How can you raise your concerns about Saurav Tiwari and Uthappa since they weren't in the 30 probables. A spell check will fine to perform before posting. Cheers !!
newsathish on 27 Mar 2010, 03:22 AM
congrats to vinay and other players too...but pandey is good option ...
ARUNBT on 27 Mar 2010, 03:02 AM
Well said Shekars I fully agree with u.Srikant does not deserve to be a selector.
t20champs on 27 Mar 2010, 02:44 AM
Why on this earth this man Srikant is a selector.Very bais. He does not know beyond Tamil Nadu Players. How come player like Mulri Vijay can be selected in 30 probables.Either Pandey or Uthappa shoud have been in the World Cup team. What made them to select Chawla.
t20champs on 27 Mar 2010, 02:20 AM
why they need additional wicket keeper... chennai quota.
rohit chosen after his lackluster form... mumbai quota
yusaf pathan inconsistant performer.. after 100..scored nothing
pandey scored consistantly 38 39 40 42 but ignored .. PANDEY DONT LET YOUR HOPE DOWN KEEP PERFORM YOUR DAY WILL COME.. CONVERT THOSE 40s into 50..
shekars on 27 Mar 2010, 02:06 AM
chadi chikka(srikanth) is one of the worst selector of all time.
shekars on 27 Mar 2010, 01:56 AM
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