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Oh Dale, Oh Raina!

Raina bug hits RCB. The best catch ever that I have seen in my lifetime ends up to be a match loser. A night to forget, there wont be another worser night.. at least for the Challengers! Forget it!

In my earlier post, I said Challengers will entertain us whether they win or lose. They came on to the ground with that intention. But first, rain gods had different idea. With rain came that bad luck for the team. Probably this night was written for the Kings. Probably the young Sid Mallya, captain Jumbo, veteran Jammie and his much fancied team members would want not to remember. Amnesia..thats what they would probably be praying for. Ctrl-Alt-Del from our memories.

This was not the night at all. For you and me. For the challengers. I am saying it again. A night cant be worser than this. Not just for RCB, for anyone. Sadly, it was their turn tonight to suffer. Fans, please, please. Forget it.

Catches win matches. Right? Well, always. But not when its not your evening, rather, night. Dale Steyn showed what RCB came on to the ground for. With that most spectacular catch that I have ever seen in my last 26 years of watching cricket (since 1984 when my hometown Mangalore was switched for TV) and last 20+ years of playing cricket. One would have wished that the night would be for the challengers. But not to be. Dale hit his head and everything on his upper backside to the Durban's hard ground. As he damaged his upper back, neck & head, and went to the hospital for checkup and the challengers shoulders dropped. It was so visible on Anil Kumble's face. It was visible in the blinking eyes of Sid Mallya. It was there on the physio's forehead, it was there to be seen on Ray Jenning's eyes. Everything indicated that the match was over. Game, set and match Chennai Super Kings.

As Dale hit his backside to the ground, there was one other man who was set on some mission. Dont take any credit away from this dynamite. Suresh Raina. Probably fortune was so written on him that brought its little daughter, Miss-fortune to haunt the Challengers. Raina has pleaded his case each time he took bat in his hand, whether for the national team, or for his domestic team or the IPL outfit. Recently he did that in emphatic style for the test team, robbing Yuvraj Singh's place on the way. He was hitting sixes tonight as if he was playing a doctored video game of cricket. There was no match left after Dale hit his upper backside to the ground. Certainly, there was no match for RCB with that Raina tonight. As much as I would wish Virat Kohli to be a permanent fixture in Indian national team, so much is the case for Raina. Successors for the veterans are around. Well, Yuvraj, Laxman and our god Dravid, turn your heads please. In admiration, that is.

There was a bug on the ground. You name it. Raina bug may be? Greatest catch bug may be? May be, they did too much to enter semis? They peaked on their way that they had to hit dust? Like the global stock markets that bit dust in 2008? Like the price of oil that peaked so much that even an MTR masala dosa would have cost huge one day, but to have no takers even if offered free next day.

I am sorry if I am confusing the fans. Because the night was such, so full of confusion. Fans of RCB will say it shouldn't have been like this. Such a meaningless anticlimax? Well what can you say? Just accept it. and just forget it. As if we all developed amnesia tonight. This night will be wiped out from our memories. Forever. Don't you guys agree?

I dont think I should go on to elaborate anything further. Especially the RCB batting effort chasing such an impossible task. I said the match was over much earlier. One, Dale Steyn takes the most spectacular catch and goes to the hospital and Raina hits the most economical bowler in T20 cricket for 19 runs in one over. That's it. I would prefer to write on something else. May even be about devils whom I don't believe in, as a true God-fearing man. So much for the night. Please, please, fans, don't ever criticise this team, our own RCB, they were hit with several bugs tonight. Completely out of their control.

Sadly my day ended on such a bad note. Early in the morning, on my weekend Friday, I had taken 4 for 23 (in 4 overs) in my first T20 league match after the 6 month hot summer break. I had thought this night would be as memorable as my morning was. Not to be. Sadly. But I end this blog assuring fans that every day after this will be better than this for the Challengers, because they can't get these bugs all the time. This night was not as worse as the Brendan McCullum onslaught some 3 years ago, in the inaugural IPL match against KKR. Adieus Amigos.

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Latest comments

rishabh0024 on 26 Sep 2010, 12:42 AM
yep it really does sum it up.....gr8 article and thts how we all felt for this game....in this game the catch lost us the match......:( but we had couple of chnces to get back but :(( steyn's blow was too much
PrinceDravid on 26 Sep 2010, 12:12 AM
The Blog Sums up our feelings entirely...There is nothing more left to say...
rosskpirish on 25 Sep 2010, 07:16 PM