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Overhead-Part 9

Conversations from the insides of the IPL. Featuring Charl Langeveldt and Dale Steyn.

1. "Chris Gayle's a fun guy. But you'll never see him in the day!" 


At breakfast, Charl Langeveldt talks about his fellow KKR mate's owlish instincts. Sure enough, Gayle is first spotted at 8 PM. 


2. "Please come out and support us against the Kolkata Kite Fliers.. err.. Knight Riders tomorrow!"


At a team dinner, Dale Steyn is his usual fun self and manages to crack up the crowd with his humour when asked to send out a message to the fans. 


3. " Bengaluru hudgeeru sakkathaagidharae maga (Dude, Bangalore girls are hot!)"


In an interactive game show conducted at the team dinner by the emcee of the evening, Chief Podcaster Radio Sandeep, Dale Steyn wins over the crowd with his accented rendition of a line in Kannada

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