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Share with us how close is the team to your heart or that one moment that gave you goosebumps .

Overheard-Part 1

Conversations from the insides of the IPL. And how to win an RCB jersey signed by a player of your choice while you're at it.

1. "He's such a great guy. Fantastic with kids and can play with them all day!"


At Anil Kumble's book launch, an insider privy to this RCBian's life off the field gushes why he'll be a good father. Sure enough, after the Rajasthan Royals match,on March 18th he was pranced around with a 6 year old at the hotel. 


2. "You should ask him about that 76 at Port-of-Spain. What an innings!"


Boria Majumdar, cricket historian and writer, tells me why it'd be worthwhile to have a chat with this RCBian who sports a majestic beard.


3. "He's got the fire. I like to call him 'Angry Young Man'"


Gaurav Kapur, VJ and SET Max Presenter, indicates where he thinks this RCBian is headed, and why he loves the attitude.    


Here's how the contest works. 

For one week (20th-26th March), I'll upload three quotes every day and indicate a player/situation (highlighted in bold) that you need to figure out.

If you get all 3 players/situations right, you score 10 "runs"

If you get 2 players/situations right, you score 5 "runs"

If you 1 player/situation right, you score 2 "runs"

I'll be updating the leaderboard in subsequent "Overheard" posts. 

The overall leader gets an RCB jersey signed up whichever player he wants (I'll say a pretty please to them on your behalf)

If multiple people score that quickfire "70 runs" (maximum points- 7 posts x 10 points), the Chiefs will video tape a "Draw of lots" ceremony and ask a Mischief Gal to pick the winner, just to be fair.


Fill in your answers in the form here: 







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