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Overheard-Part 3

Conversations from the insides of the IPL. And how to win an RCB jersey signed by a player of your choice while you’re at it.Answers for part-2 and Leaderboard attached.



1. “Go Manish!"


Vocal phrase of praise comes from this RCB star (who many believe should be Manish Pandey's mentor in the team) as he watches Manish dump one into the stands during the practise session on Monday before the CSK game.



2. “Agar tune aaj mujhe ground ke bahar maara to match ke baad dekh lunga! (If you hit me outside the ground today, I'll take care of you after the match!)"  (laughs) 


The bowler shares a well-meaning joke with his good friend and Indian team mate (this RCBian) before the MI-RCB match. The RCBian listened to his advice, but cleaned him for two consecutive sixes anyway. 



3. “All I heard for seven months was 'Just tell me how to beat Roger Federer'”


This RCBian describes his stint with Rafael Nadal in 2007 in one says-it-all sentence.

(Hint: He's not a player) 



Here’s how the contest works: http://www.royalchallengers.com/chief-blogger/overheard-part-1



Fill in your answers in the form here: 




Answers- Part 2



1.K P Appanna



Other answers received

a. "Manish Pandey" 

b. "Robin Uthappa". [Nope, not Uppy, but Appy :)]

c.  "B Akhil" 



2. Jacques Kallis



Other answers received

a. Rahul Dravid (Close, but not the one!) 

b. Dale Steyn (Bowls fast yes, and hardly reserved)

c.  Roelof Van Der Merwe (Cheerful most times!)



3. Anil Kumble 



Other answers received

a. Brijesh Patel (Was in the lift too but didn't say it!)

b. Charu Sharma (Nowhere near the team now!)

c.  I don't know, you tell me! [Just did :)]





1. Rinish, Abhishek Shetty, Nisha Shetty,  - 12 "Runs"



2. Mahesh, Sidhartha Thakur, Aditya Kulkarni-10 "Runs"



3. Poshin, Nisarg, Venkatraghavan V - 7 "Runs"



4. Mujahid Jamal, Sumanth, Naresh, Sreekar, Sudhamshu, Praveen- 5 "Runs"



5. Alisha- 4 "Runs"



6. Aditi, Pooja, Jagadeesh, Aakash, Nikhil, Sandeep, Roshan, Vishwanag, Ramesh- 2 "Runs"








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