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Overheard-Part 4

Conversations from the insides of the IPL. And how to win an RCB jersey signed by a player of your choice while you’re at it.Answers for part-3 and Leaderboard attached.

1. “Oh yeah, they were crazy. And all of them involved Guinness."



Packing his bags after practise, this RCBian recalls good old St.Patrick's day celebrations from his teenage days. 



2. “Two months in a year on working on his body, and he'll be one of the all-time greats.  A national treasure!"



From one physio to another. Sudhakar Basu offers his two-bit on this RCBian to Evan Speechly after watching him run in and bowl in the nets.



3. “Dude. Pick one!" 



Players in the bus rib this RCBian in good humour (who played a crucial role in the KXIP match) as the team bus draws into the hotel and a bevy of ladies line up to congratulate RCB on their stunning win.  



Here’s how the contest works: http://www.royalchallengers.com/chief-blogger/overheard-part-1



Fill in your answers in the form here: 




Answers- Part 3




1. “Go Manish!"


Vocal phrase of praise comes from this RCB star (who many believe should be Manish Pandey's mentor in the team) as he watches Manish dump one into the stands during the practise session on Monday before the CSK game.



Ans. Rahul Dravid 



Other answers received

a. "Vinay Kumar" (I'd love to hear the explanation for this guess)

b. "Anil Kumble". (Interesting answer but non)

c.  "Siddhartha Mallya" (Hasn't taken up cricket yet!)



2. “Agar tune aaj mujhe ground ke bahar maara to match ke baad dekh lunga! (If you hit me outside the ground today, I'll take care of you after the match!)"  (laughs) 


The bowler shares a well-meaning joke with his good friend and Indian team mate (this RCBian) before the MI-RCB match. The RCBian listened to his advice, but cleaned him for two consecutive sixes anyway. 


Ans. Virat Kohli 



Other answers received

a. Praveen Kumar (Praveen would have loved to hit one, but hasn't been required to bat much!) 

b. Robin Uthappa (His six onto Marine Drive should count as two. I'm tempted to give half points. Should I?) 

c.  Manish Pandey 



3. “All I heard for seven months was 'Just tell me how to beat Roger Federer'”


This RCBian describes his stint with Rafael Nadal in 2007 in one says-it-all sentence.

(Hint: He's not a player) 


Ans. Prasanna Raman (RCB team analyst) 


Other answers received

a. "Vijay Mallya" (You have a sense of humour. You.)

b. "Kevin Pietersen" (Seriously?)

c. "Danny Ray Jennings" (Is that a new name for coach that we aren't aware of?)





1. Abhishek Shetty, Nisha Shetty- 22 "Runs"



2. Sidhartha Thakur, Aditya Kulkarni-20 "Runs"



3. Rinish- 17 "Runs"



4. Mahesh, Naresh- 15 "Runs" 



5. Sudhamshu, Kuntal, Ganesh- 10 "Runs"



6. Poshin, Nisarg- 9 "Runs"



7. Mujahid Jamal, Sumanth, Sreekar, Nikhil, Venkatraghavan V- 7 "Runs"



8. Praveen, Gangadhar, Manish, Ramakrishna, Rohit, Disha- 5 "Runs"  



9. Alisha- 4 "Runs"



10. Amaresh, Vishal, Aditi, Pooja, Jagadeesh, Aakash, Sandeep, Roshan, Vishwanag, Ramesh- 2 "Runs"



P.S. Thanks for the growing responses. Keeping me on my toes!



The number of parts for the contest have been reduced to 5 from the original 7, so just one more part left after this. Give in your best shot!





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come on man..2 more..we dont mind answering...i have no hope of winning if this is the last quiz :(
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