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Hii guys today we are gonna learn , the most beautiful shot in cricket . Guess what ?? The cover Drive. So RCB'an AB-Devilliers and KING KALLIS shows the perfect example on how to play the stroke.

As a continuation of the Previous blog , We have now learnt the Defence of Dravid. Itll be useful in Test cricket and to protect your wicket . Now its time to learn the Gentle man's game.


South African's have the ability to play the CD more accurately than anyone else. Here in the pic South African skipper and RCB player AB shows the posture to be noted while playing the best shot and the most productive shot in cricket. This shot is productive in the First 10 overs , when the fielding restrictions are ON. As the shot played with accuracy and timing will guarantee you a boundary. Power Play in the sense , this shot does not need power but timing and just a push through the cover region .

The ‘Cover drive’ as it is more commonly known, is a powerful front foot shot which is exercised by the top hand with the bottom hand supporting the short in order to keep the ball along the ground. The drive is directed between the cover point on the off side (the right hand side of the batsman’s body for the right-handed batsman and the left hand side of the body for the left-handed batsman) and mid-wicket on the leg side (the part of the field that is behind the batsman when he takes the shot).

royal challengers

The drive is usually used when the ball is over-pitched, meaning that it bounces just in front of the batsman allowing the batsman to make contact with the middle of the bat.

Below are the three steps to a successful drive:

1. Bend the front knee (that which is nearest the bowler) to form a base with the front foot and lean into the delivery with the front shoulder. With the weight of the body leaning forward, the batsman will be able to send the ball moving close to the ground.

2. Position the head so it is in line with or in front of the bent knee, keeping the eyes fixed on the ball. Keep the front foot close to the pitch of the ball (the position that the ball bounces) and raise the toes of the back foot moving the bat to hit the ball vertically.

3. Follow through so that the bat ends up with its face pointing to the sky keeping the wrists relaxed to allow the bat to move in a straight line. The sign of a good drive is when the bat is kept so straight that the name of the company that has made it can be seen, coining the commentator’s phrase, ‘showing the maker’s name.’

As a Cricket fanatic no one plays the Cover Drive as beautiful as KALLIS . The former RCB'an and the South African allrounder has made this shot a Trademark shot for him . To know more about this shot watch Kallis playing these excellent shots , Afterall he is King Kallis.

Look at the video below , the second shot is a perfect example of a KALLIS TRADEMARK.



royal challengers

Hope this will be useful to you while playing your shots with ease. Have a Happy cricketing experience with RCB .

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