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Today we are in a mood to punish the opposition with Gayle Slog .


Probably the most powerful shot in cricket, the Slog is performed
with the intention of obtaining a boundary (a four or a six). The Slog
is most commonly played in one day cricket, particularly in the last
five or ten overs of the day, when batsmen play more aggressively in a
last attempt to increase runs.

royal challengers

The Slog has little regard for
technique, but uses a fast powerful swing across the line of a long ball
with the aim of hitting the ball high into the air. A way of increasing
the power of the shot is by ‘advancing down the track,’ when the
batsman takes two or three steps down the pitch before making contact
with the ball. The Slog is directed between mid-wicket and long-on, also
known as cow corner (so named because balls are rarely hit that far,
meaning cows could, in theory, graze safely in that part of the field!)

royal challengers

the Slog can gain high scores when performed powerfully and accurately,
it is also more risky than other shots because the batsman is more
likely miss the ball and risk being bowled out. There is also a high
chance of getting out by Leg Before Wicket (when the ball hits any part
of the batsman before the bat) and, if the ball is not hit hard enough
to clear the field and score a boundary, it is likely that a fielder
will have time to move under the ball and catch the batsman.


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