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Preparing for the Chargers

Serious strategy is discussed and an intense training session takes place. Plus, why Katrina Kaif thinks twice before entering the RCB dressing room.

Thoughts from the camp 


Ross Taylor mentioned it'd be interesting to see RCB's combination for today's game over a classic club sandwich a couple of evenings ago, and looking at the way he was sending balls into the stands at practise, he should be in for sure. 


Another RCBian who had a great nets session was Dale Steyn. Found his rhythm and bowled well, and managed to clear the fence too as he batted! He could be brought back in for today's game too. There's nothing better than Dale having a good practise, because he's great fun after, as he showed in the fun interview he gave for the IPL YouTube fun feed. Check it out. 


Anil Kumble spoke at length about the importance of performing as a unit as far as the bowlers were concerned and upped the intent in the squad with his passionate words. 


The mood in the Chargers camp, meanwhile, is not the best. An insider talked about the fact that all the traveling with no actual home games has been a key reason for their performance so far, and of indiscipline issues in the side, with flights being missed over escapades.   


Like coach Ray Jennings mentioned at the press conference though, good sides forget the past and move on quick. Today should be a cracker. 


The moment

Just prior to the IPL final in Johannesburg last year, Katrina Kaif walked into the RCB dressing room to offer her congratulations, only to find all the players in their jocks.


Stunned at the unexpected scene, she moved away as quickly as she could. The players were embarassed for a fleeting moment, then burst out laughing. 


She hasn't been spotted since. 


Narrated by an insider while listing down the funnest RCB moments he's been privy to.       

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Latest comments

yeah we will do it cos it's a well balanced team with experience at it's best ......so we shall do it go go rcb and well katrina should have knocked indeed :P hehe
PrinceDravid on 09 Apr 2010, 06:01 AM
It will be pretty interesting to see today's four foreign players
JamWall on 09 Apr 2010, 04:38 AM
The last bit was funny. Just imagine the scene....Katrina blushing and all....and the players not knowing what to do....
I agree, good teams and players forget the past, every day is a new day. Go RC!
Poshin on 09 Apr 2010, 03:53 AM