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Share with us how close is the team to your heart or that one moment that gave you goosebumps .

RCB!! But Why?


Hey friends this Is Rishabh Rajput.
A fanatic already that’s why is known to the most of the people here who already are fanatic, and slowly but effectively knowing all other people too  who are in race to be the fanatic now, i mean
the finalists of the fanatic fans challenge, And trust me all are that good as
those who already are fanatic.

About me is all given in the
profile page.

Link:- http://www.royalchallengers.com/fan/Rishabh-Rajput

Now why RCB?? As I belong to

Ah!! The answer is so simple, I
like Rahul Dravid so I like RCB.. I wasn’t interested in watchin IPL last year edition
because there were rumours ,somewhat true too that Rahul Dravid Will not be playing
this season due to some family reasons and i wasn’t watching too the first
match against Rajasthan royals, but  when
i saw RD fighting the way for RCB after getting 4 down early in the innings i
was amazed and thanking god too, that i can enjoy IPL now. Phew. raspberry

But is this the only thing... May
be not and have to be not... DADA and SRT are not that bad too. ohkk.. let me
give all of u some more reasons.. wink

Anil Kumble like he lead the
team, and the man behind the Army Dr. Vijay Mallya like he supported them was
really commendable. Like as during the last season all the franchises were
looking forward to cut off their expenses.  KingsXI punjab Sent their 6-7 players back home with no
valid reasons, Rajasthan Royals sent Mohammed Kaif sort of player back to India, in btw It was
Vijay Mallya’s The Royal Challengers Bangalore for whom even Cheer leaders were
imported from USA though, raspberry added by the most expensive bidding on Kevin Pietersen, raspberry from this all I mean it had to be Royal Challengers having the valid
reasons to cut off their expenses, being ended the first edition, so badly at
seventh position, but it wasn’t like that Dr. kept his cool and faith and
finally he was redeemed by the end of the tournament. Ahh!! I love that man’s
confidence and flambouancy which attracts me the most, it really did.

With my skill m not that much
experienced but do it on the regular basis while watching a cricket match
whether live or on the repeat basis. wink so can say it is a passion for me, and
didn’t miss the opportunity when my favourite IPL team comes up with the
one,  courtesy fanatic fans challenge 2

Hope I’ll make it too.. Do
compliment below.. with your comments.. J





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