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RCB Fan Cricket Match - Fans show all the way!!

I have said from long that this Fan Club is made a success by its superb fans. This was proved again in the RCB cricket match played today at MCC Grounds.

RCB is special for many reasons,

a. It brings its fans close even after IPL Season.

b. RCB fans get to wear amazing red and gold gear again.

c. Bring many more fans on board and get them aware of the awesome activities which only this fan club does so well.

Today was another such feather in RCB Fan Club's Cap - First Ever RCB Cricket Match. You heard it right the first of its kind all because of amazing Fans.

Right from Booking Grounds to Inviting Fans, Scheduling to Social Invitations, everything was done by so many fans in Bangalore. Yes Bangalore is the hub of RCB and fans once again proved today that we truly breathe RCB.

Picture this,

By 8:30 am Ground was decorated with Red and Gold - Thanks to the fans wearing the rcb jerseys.

Fans practising hard - Cricket is taken seriously in india and fans were upto it.

Matches starting on time and managed well the whole way - 60+ fans turning up, yes these were fans who came on invitations, united and played hard, same way as the team RCB does.

All the way fans show, cricket matches were a grand success.

Format -

Well the aim was to give a chance to all, so there were qualifiers also for teams that lost.

6 teams - 3 winners qualified to semis - remaining three got a chance and the best team filled the last spot.

Finally it was Team 2 led by Vittal Shanbhag who got the Gold. But it was all fans who deserve a pat on the back and huge kudos for making this happen.

On field behaviour of players, way it was conducted by umpires, support from stands for there teams was all amazing. There was no single incident of bad conduct by anybody, so all fans and all teams deserve the Fair Play Award.

RCB Fan,

Sachin Kodagali











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Thats pretty awesumm!
AwesomeRCB on 20 Jun 2012, 04:35 AM