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RCB First Meet-Up in Brief (with pics)

First Meet-Up organizes by fans. (Pictures are not of high quality as no one got a cam, It was pics taken from cell phones)

I left my house expecting at least some 50 members present with all the buzz on facebook and twitter it was created. But when I entered only Allen and few of his friends were present.

I had got some 3 of my good old school friends for the meet. 

I was sad thinking if meet will have only these many number of people. 

After a while Kiran, Manju and Karthik and few others joined in. It was quite a good number for now.

Then came in 2 under eighteens. Sorry guys we couldn't make you happy this time. Next time for sure.

Then our DARSHAN entered with a Big gang of 5 to 6 which included few gals who returned back as they had no company.

At last it was our only WHITE MISCHIEF Fanatic fan who entered with 2 of his friends. 


So the gang was full and happy to introduce each other's interests and profession.

We ordered what ever they wanted and started speak about Champions league. RCB team. Cricket. Others stuffs. And they also came up with an IDEA of Fanatic fans Challenge for sending fans to south africa for Champions League. And I spoke about the seeds which I saw a tech magazine called DIGIT which can incorporated even with our Jerseys(Will write a blog on this in GO GREEN Category)

Here are few pics from Le ROCK. (Surely a Rocking place)

Proud to use KINGFISHER :)

But there was more LOYAL RCBian.

Darshan Sachidananda who always use only ROYAL CHALLENGE :P We missed out his pic.

We sat at Le Rock for about 2 to 3 hours. 


royal challengers

Then moved on to near by Amoeba for bowling and entertaining stuffs.

We played Bowling and other games for a while. It was really great. I just loved everyone there. Because we weren't like new friends. We were as if there was a AGE OLD FRIENDSHIP between us. Yes the bonding called RCB had made us so close.


Here are few pics we took after playing games at amoeba.

A Group Pic. Manju is missing as he was the photographer here.

Me and My school Mates.

Eric and his friends standing ahead of Bowling Lanes.

Finally its me and Allen (The one who feed you RCB updates on facebook and Twitter)


Thank You Allen for such a wonderful Meet-up. We will have more of them in coming months for sure.

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cool fishers
saravjny on 21 Apr 2011, 04:54 AM
Nope some din't have.. Anyways Its not a prob.. :)
rakesh-katti on 02 Jul 2010, 08:56 AM
oh.. everyone did not wear red???
natasha@RCB on 02 Jul 2010, 05:38 AM