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RCB Loyalty


I was mentioning about how crazy and brand loyal I am towards RCB to Nidhi and she said that I just write a small note on that. so here you go...just some points

1. Whenever I travel to Bangalore or some other city on some personal work, I always wear the RCB jersey. Especially in the airports, I get quite a few queries asking do I play in the team / do I work with the team / have you met Rahul Dravid / are you the guy who won that contest (sometimes I wear the team jersey and sometimes the chief photographer jersey).

2. I always travel Kingfisher. I used to do this even before I joined the RCB club because of various reasons and the important thing being the service. I continue that today as well and being RCB's chief photographer, I makes more sense to be brand loyal. When I am in the airport and in the flight I have felt that I get slightly better service from the KF staff / if not the best (may be because I am in the RCB jersey). Not sure though as KF always provides the best service.

3. Weekends when I hit any mall in Hyd, sometimes I wear the RCB jersey so that it kind of spreads the awareness and I have seen quite a few charger fans staring at me :-)

4. I stick to KF beer. Sad that Hyd still does not have KF ultra :-(

I think from a brand and awareness point of view, this is a very small bit a fan should do and does not take much effort as well.

Siva A N

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Reminds me of my experiences in The Asian Age (newspaper) office in Delhi as a sports intern last year during the IPL.
Asian age is under Deccan Chronicle, hence a Chargers supporter for obvious reasons. Delhi being out of the tournament meant everybody out there was supporting Chargers and no support for RCB.
Me on the other hand, fanatic RCB supporter from Day 1, jumped in my seat, Gilly out for a duck. Amidst all the "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh mannnnnn!!", I was clapping with a proud grin on my face! "Good job", I remarked and every person gave me 'dude-you-get-lost!!' look.
purnima-malhotra on 01 Feb 2010, 01:31 AM
@Siva Last night I was thinking that my next post would be on 'The RCB FF' - interesting you have already posted something in this direction.

@dfinch In general it may be assumed that we all owe our affiliations to where we belong. We have to recognize that there will be exceptions. Siva is doing a fine job and let's be fair to him, encourage him to continue to do well, leaving aside parochial considerations.

My knowledge of photography and photographers in/from Bangalore is very poor. So I would not be able to assess if better photographers were sidelined!

In the field of cricket writing (I am not a cricket writer - professional or amateur, let me clarify) I cannot easily recall big names from Karnataka, though a few names of several decades back come to my mind.

But I am very proud of the fact that Ramachandra Guha is very very parochial and I loved every bit of it when I read http://bit.ly/rguhaparochial after the recent Ranji finals. I am as parochial as you and he are!

Read this article and tell me if Guha is a Bengali or Kannadiga - or something else ;) If you get the answer right in the next 2 hours, I will give partial credit to your views.

Raghunath on 31 Jan 2010, 09:46 PM
@ dfinch. Looks like one of those contestants in FFC who did not get through.

Moderators - can you have this member banned and have this comment deleted.

Siva A N
SivaAN on 31 Jan 2010, 08:02 PM
dfinch on 31 Jan 2010, 07:14 PM