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RCB team development in IPL 6

Lets get on our thinking hats and figure out where we lacked and how we tackled the problems and prepared better, or have we really?

With a new season, new players and new enthusiasm, RCB seems to be pumped up for IPL-6 with its ever increasing fan base! As we all get eager to get on with the league, We all await to see the further step ahead taken by our team to lay hands on the competition trophy that has always eluded us so far.


- Captain Virat! A very crucial and forward thinking step taken by RCB not just for Virat the individual but for team RCB as a domestic captain allows flexibility in the 4 precious overseas slots.

-Allrounders Dan and Moises in-  We sure needed a good finisher as we over relied on our dear about-to-be-married AB De and out of the 2 aussies, i would tip Moises ahead even agaisnt Mcdonald and Barnwell for his display in the just concluded whitewashed, rinsed, whiped dry 4-0 series. He will be an ideal 5th bowler along with Zaheer, RP/Kartik depending on pitch, Vinay kumar, Murali.

-Spin added- Murali Kartik is more be said a fine experienced spin option rather than any big 'Spin boost'. A good partner to block runs from other spin end along with the other infinitely better Murali (who should be playing no matter what pitch!). 


-Pujara Power- This young lad, oops! a married man actually, has been blossoming like his better half's bright smiles. Sad to miss him in first 4 games but should walk in the team to open, or at 3 if Dilshan plays during AB De wedding absence. Will be so crucial for collapse prevention

-Domestic health improves-   refined ChePu, ViKoh, fitter ZaKh, Vinay, Murali, RP is a internationally experienced bunch giving our domestic 7 positions better quality to fill than last year. Only wish Tiwary to find some spark (less likely. better at death slogging against local bowlers) or Sunny Sohal given a go instead of Tiwary. Mayank with better experience i expect to be a success again this IPL at no.6 or opening.

-Good Backups for injuries-  multiple allrounders, array of pacers, local batting recruits, top class t20 specialists. there seems to be a good bet of backups for every position in the XI.. ofcourse a Gayle, AB, Virat or Muralitharan loss to injury could be too big to fill but we can hope to compete still


Wastage of funds at auction- The man making the deals for RCB at the auction on the phone all the time suggested a not so good plans of buyings and confusions emerging. I think RCB only needed half the number of players they actually brought and could have targeted their funds to get on hold of certain few names they eventualy quit bidding for. 3 lesser bowlers, Rampaul, Barnwell funds could be saved upon.

Less balanced compared to CSK, MI, KKR-  Lets get honest. RCB can win. RCB can be the best. but at the moment we should know there are better favourites as well though RCB lacks just in 1-2 positions. 3 slow left arm spinners, no local off/leg spinners, no high class domestic keeper can leave problems. Also being a side with many older players leave it less agile on field


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really gr8 post
sudhirRCCB on 01 Apr 2013, 02:22 PM
josh se khelenge
gayle12 on 31 Mar 2013, 07:51 PM
To the last query,we can remove the drought by signing KL Rahul,awesome technique player who proved his mettle in the recent domestic T20 league.
karthik-shetty4 on 31 Mar 2013, 05:23 PM