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RCB vs MI: Cruise Control

Cricket tales with a fanatic Sachin fan and a memorable catch by Dravid linger from a match in which RCB dominated Mumbai in their den.




Classy. There's something about the Brabourne that reminds me about the videogame Allan Border cricket, especially with the flags waving above the clubhouse. 



Photo courtesy Chief Photographer Ashish Parmar


Cricket tales


Chatted with Sachin and India fan, Sudhir Kumar Gautam, the guy we see on TV with the Indian flag and "Tendulkar" painted on his body and blowing the conch. Interesting stories to narrate, including one on Manoj, a Dravid fanatic who lives in Kolkata. Full interview coming up in the next post. 


Fancy Dress index


Bombay didn't disappoint, and not just because Sudhir Kumar Gautam overshadowed everyone with his body paint and conch. Blue glow horns were plentiful, and Carlito hair guys too.   


One thing I liked 


Short descriptions for on-field action on the big screen. The day began with "Class" for Sachin's leg glance, "Wallop" for Saurabh Tiwary's pull, moved on to "Crisp" for Jacques Kallis's straight drive and ended with my favourite, "Into Orbit" for Robin's six which probably broke a few plates in a diner close by. 


And another I didn't..


Shutting off the music during the second innings. Granted, it was only the 323 RCB fans in the stadium who were interested in dancing, but still. Party pooper.


RCB fan of the day 


Thirty eight years after she last watched a cricket match at a stadium, RCB gave Aruna Desai the opportunity to return to the Brabourne as a fan as she was one of the Mighty 14 winners for Mumbai. 


A corporator with one of the areas in the Municipal Corporation of Surat, Aruna is a social worker who is also an active blogger.She loves RCB's website for the interactivity it offers and is a huge Virat Kohli fan, who in her words will be a 'Second Sachin'.  



Photo courtesy Chief Photographer Ashish Parmar


Grade sheet


An easy win for us with some incredible moments, including Dravid's catch. But no music and a humid evening took some colour off. B+




Collected 2 RCB flags in the stadium. Comment in 10 words why you think you should have them and they're yours!

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Latest comments

aneesh-thanx...nice write-up and thanx for my photo with you-thanx to rcb
Aruna-Desai on 23 Mar 2010, 09:00 PM
@iphotograph: Hey Niyati, alas indeed. But fun all the same.

@Aish69: Right you are Aishwarya. Typo!

@Aak: Totally.

@Poshin: Thanks. Yeah, B+ cause it was humid and the not as much fun without the entertainment. I don't dole out A's so easy :D
aneeshsurender on 22 Mar 2010, 11:45 AM
venkataraghavan-venkataraman on 22 Mar 2010, 01:28 AM
B+ ?
Why? What not A+? Is it the music? Class and Wallop are far from each other aren't they?
Another great write up....well done mate....
Poshin on 22 Mar 2010, 12:48 AM
Good One Buddy !! The Music turn-off is real booo !! In Blore stadia the MC even tries to get the crowd chant opposition players name like vs RR he went on lodly with Shane Warne !!
Matches are competitive but they can be Sportive as well !!!
Aak on 22 Mar 2010, 12:04 AM
Bang on Niyati and aneesh, the total snub when the Royal Challengers played wasnt really expected from the CCI. Glad that we defended it with elan, our victory was a befitting slap in the face. Grapes are sour they say :-P
disha-shetty on 21 Mar 2010, 11:57 PM
correction: its Saurabh Tiwary
aish69 on 21 Mar 2010, 10:43 PM
Nice information Aneesh.

Sandeep Tiwary??Who?
Wizardprince on 21 Mar 2010, 10:15 PM
Shutting off the music during the second innings. Granted, it was only the 323 RCB fans in the stadium who were interested in dancing, but still. Party pooper. - Tell me about it,it was such a disappointment by the spoil sports. Alas,great match and nice write up :)
iphotograph on 21 Mar 2010, 09:40 PM