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Recap of ODI history between Pak and India in India

India and Pakistan matches have always been keenly contested and followed. Even though series between two nations have been few and far between, it makes for a interesting read ..


Total Number of ODI series in india : 5 (Excluding upcoming ODI Series)

Total ODI Matches played between the rival nations in India : 20

Total Matches won by : Pakistan - 12, India - 8

Total number of series won : Pakistan - 3, India - 2

What can we infer?

Whilst history suggests that pakistan have done well against india , it also reflects in there overall ODI record which is quite good against india. However in the one off matches which india have played against the arch rivals in recent times, india's record is very good.

The advantage Pakistanis have when they tour india and Vice versa is the known conditions and spinners who can use the conditions as well if not better than there counterparts.

1986-87 Series

A easy series victory of 5-1 to pakistan. Pakistan chased scores easily in most of these ODI games and had a far superior bowling unit to restrict india. I see from stats that in 6th ODI, Pak chased 265 in 44 overs, couldnt have imagined that in 1980's when ODI cricket was in its infant stages.

2004-05 Series

Six match ODI series is hard to imagine these days. India made good start by winning the first two matches, Indian batsmen went hell for leather and put pressure on pakistanis while chasing. Dhoni's 148 in the 2nd ODI was one of his best innings in the early part of his career.

Pakistan returned the favours by scoring massively in the 3rd ODI and winning easily. I still remember the 4th ODI, where Pakistan chase went till last tendulkar over. Pakistan sweeped remaining matches and the series by 4-2.

2007-08 Series

Last ODI Series played by these two teams in India. After a long time indian's won the series. This is how it panned out,

I ODI - India chased a easy 239 with the help of tendulkar's all round performance

II ODI - Pakistan continued to chase well in india, Younis khan made a brilliant 100 and ensured series got levelled.

III ODI - India won the important match on the back of a very good batting performance by Yuvi

IV ODI - India sealed series victory at Gwalior, again batting maestro played well.

V ODI - Pakistan won the dead rubber by 31 runs

It has been great history of cricket between these two teams. In India pakistan have played well in ODI's however recent history and india's complete dominance in world cups suggests that the upcoming series will be closely contested.

RCB Fan,

Sachin Kodagali












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