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Tailor of a kind

Ross Taylor warms up for his IPL with a quickfire test 100

2-3 years ago taylor was just making a name for himself in the international scenario,he was often written off as a guy who could just hit and hit big but only on the legside.Now he is regarded as one of newzeland's best who forces every team to take some time off exclusively to make plans to stop some fury from his blade.He has proved himself as a man who can bat according to any situation be it as a pinch hitter or as a man needed to restich the innings,he has done it in the recent past and done it in a grand fashion.In his essay at the crease today he completely made up for his waxing and waning form with a quickfire 138.It was as if taylor was warming up to treat all us Bangalore fans like he has always done in the past.

 royal challengers

                               I can hit Off-side too!!And for that matter very well!!


With Newzeland facing a must-win situation,taylor came into the party with this brilliant knock that made him the fastest centurion from maori land.Taylor, who reached his 100 off just 81 deleveries showed that he can speak up to his trans-tasmanian rivals with his bat.The rest of the kiwis seem to have gone with the policy of "scilence is golden" and submitted meekely to the fairly decent line up from down under,apart from Watling who made a patient knock and southee who kept wagging the tail of the kiwis for sometime.An innings studded with gem like stroks making up his 23 boundaries-19 fours and 4 sixes had 3 stutters!!Luckily for Taylor none of them were capatilised by the opposition.One interesting observation i made was that each time Taylor got a life he came back with renewed vigor adding insult to injury and giving the bowlers a pasting. 



                    royal challengers

                                                        What a knock!!


Natan hauritz seemed to be too inquisitive about the quality of "tailor"'s stiches and tried to test him with some flighted deleveries.Taylor was up to the mark and showed his sticthing craftmanship to full extent when he hammered hauritz for 25 runs in one particular over which consisted off a hattrick to his favourite mid wicket region.Had it not been for watson who flew behing the boundary and pushed the ball inside,Taylor would have had 4 sixes in that over.

                                    royal challengers

                                           Enough stitching??Or you want more??

With wickets falling all around taylor had to take some risks alongwith the tail,It got too risky and taylor soon perished when an attempted pull under-edged and flew away to Brad HaddinThe on field umpires dint see any edge and asked the game to resume.The referrals proved to be a bane as Rosco was finally referred out.By then Ross had already put the ozs to place showing whoo the boss is with his magnificent knock.This knock may prove to be very crucial in the context of the game.Let's wait and watch.

                             royal challengers

                                                      I am coming Bangalore!!

One thing is for sure Taylor has prepared himself completely to make the roaring salute chanting his name at the chinnaswamy stadium grow louder.If this is the sign of things to come without doubt Anil Kumble will be the first to put his hand on the IPL trophy.Let's hope Ross can repeat the magic for us.


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Ross v r eagerly waiting. Come soon.
t20champs on 29 Mar 2010, 12:54 AM