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THE COACH SPEAKS.. ( pre match talk)

The battle of the tournament and and the clash of the Titans, the MI-RCB encounter is touted to be one cracker of an entertainer.

The two IPL sides pitted agaisnt each other are vying for a spot to make it to the semis. Here's what our coach Jennings has to say about the game tonight:

Q: How is the mood in the camp for today's crucial encounter?

Any loss wakes the team up and our side is ready for the battle. The clash between Mumbai and RCBhas always been quite tough, its critical game not only from the CLT20 angle but outside it too.

Q: MI has nothing to lose, minimal calculations made during the course of the tournament show that they would be out of the tournament if they lose today. How lethal, a side, would they be?

A: MUmbai is a very good side.They've played probably the best cricket in IPL and als won more games than any other side. There are very high expectations, it is more of a clash of two Indian sides than a South African clash. The local community has got a lot of support as well for both the side. They're gonna be fired up to perform well, so its a tough game for us.

Q: Everyone is talking about the 'Man of the Moment' Kieron Pollard. His form is a threat for our side. So do we have any counter strategies for him?

A: Pollard is a normal cricketer who hits the ball hard. We've got good cricketers as well who have different cricketing skills and are best in the world. So tacking him shouldn't be a big problem for us. We have our plans in place.

Q: MI's fielding has been a matter of concern. Is that something that RCB has to guard against? Fielding under floodlights..are we working on it?

A:The Indians do not play much cricket under lights. The other night even we had the same problem as well, where we missed two catches. Generally its tough when they do not focus on their diving skills. Last year I feel we had better fielding side in IPL. But we've had two session to practice our fielding under lights to tackle the problem.

Q: In our previous match against the RedBacks we ailed to capitalise in the slog overs. Is there any change in plan on that front?

A: The reason we couldn't do well last match was that we lost wickets too quickly in the first few overs and hence a player like white couldn't get going. To make quick wickets inthe last five overs we need wickets in hand. The Mumbai team plays the 20 over format in two pattern, in the first twelve overs they score around 70-75 , with one or two wikets down and in the next eight overs they make around 100-110. Thats been their pattern. So the only way we can work on it is not lose wickets early on.

Thats all from the Coach's end. Its now time for the 'real' deal. Go RCB!


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Latest comments

Once again batting has let us down. All our top batsmen, pl either retire from RCB or perform better; esp the very senior players. Application is totally lacking. Impusive batting is our undoing
sudarshan Ullal
sudarshan-ullal on 27 Sep 2010, 12:09 AM
I so want to talk to him and ask some questions to inspire myself! Fix an appointment with him? :P
KunJan on 23 Sep 2010, 01:44 AM
RCB's batting has been woeful. All failed, Dravid,Robin,Kohli,manishpandey. They need to apply themselves with sinceroty to the task given to them.
Just learn from the redbacks and lions who show batting character of a high order.Their fielding too wa superb.
Will our Indian batsmen learn? Message:" do not take your position in the team granted.If you dont perform, better retire gracefully,rather than someone asking you to do so"
sudarshan-ullal on 20 Sep 2010, 07:34 AM
seems positive again amazin....and lets see we execute pollard's plans well :) go go rcb
PrinceDravid on 20 Sep 2010, 07:00 AM