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The Curious Case of Royals!

Royals, no I am not talking about our Royal Challengers, I am referring to our next opponents, The Royals from the Thar desert state!

When they won in 2008, several eye brows were raised, as they were the least fancied team around at that time. And then when the expectations went higher, Rajasthan Royals stock tumbled in the gold & diamond country in the 2009 edition.

Before this 2010 edition started, they went into news for wrong reasons - depriving a young talent Ravindra Jadeja from playing, initiating an accusation that led to the spinner allrounder's ouster for this edition. Cruel it was, unfathomable completely, especially considering that the T20 variety was more of entertaining than of any serious full white gear cricket stuff that called for such a harsh treatment to one of the most promising youngster. He could have been stripped of some ten thousand dollars from his contract than make him watch the event on the Tele. Probably the Rajasthan board politics had much to do in this happening, probably only a handful in the board may know. One wonders on what basis he is going to be considered for the T20 world cup shortly, if not considered despite his great form he showed in the recent ODIs, would be totally baseless.

Shane Watson, the star of 2008 triumph has been laid low through his injury and did not turn up from the word go. And as if that was not sufficient, two key players, Graeme Smith and Dimitri Mascarenhas  have been ruled out from the entire IPL3!! The curse of sacking Jadeja has not stopped there - it has also spread onto rendering Yousuf Pathan injured - likely to miss the next match at the Chinnaswamy against our roaring Challengers. There were also some rumours that Shane Warne was also injured and if true, that will be the terminal blow for the land of kings.

Its time our 'kannaditi' Shilpa Shetty does some "Kachchi Thinnalaa..." dance sequence from that Kannada movie to get some attention back to the Royals from the Thar desert. Otherwise, against the marauding Challengers, its going to be a hopeless workout for her team without so many leading lights from her team who would have been next in command to lead the side.

By the way, a friendly warning for those who are going to be at the stadium:

Please dont sit around the fine leg area of the stadium, Shaun Tait's wides down the leg side could hurt you more than the edged sixer from Pathan!!

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"Please dont sit around the fine leg area of the stadium, Shaun Tait’s wides down the leg side could hurt you more than the edged sixer from Pathan!!"

Loved this warning..
Wizardprince on 17 Mar 2010, 09:11 PM
hahaha gud one!!!!!1
i luvd it
amith-pavan on 17 Mar 2010, 09:10 PM