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Share with us how close is the team to your heart or that one moment that gave you goosebumps .

The heat is on! IPL, youPL, sabPL!

Bigger. Better. Faster. Groovier. Sexier. At this point you have started wondering whether I will exhaust adjectives by the end of this post!

royal challengersBut worry you not, the English directory, like the game that majestic game Englishmen invented-Cricket, has enough depth to keep you hooked right when you thought you have had enough!

So from the Royal Romance of test Cricket, to the one night stand of One dayers, now come the unending yearly flings called t20s. There’s almost something for every style of expression of your passion. Couple of years back, when Lalit decided to give the t20s a desi tadka, videsis joined into to add a touch of grind to d desi latkas and zatkaas. The Indian Cricket afficinado stuck his tongue out and lapped it up. Almost the way that alligator does in a famous TV commercial-kaisi jeebh laplapaayi....hmm yummy! The forward thrusts, the cheekier than usual behind the back scoops, full throated appeals, the gnashing of teeth and the groans, the brawn, the bravado and the cheerleaders spicing things up...IPL was making the Cricket lovers experience an orgasm that stuff teenage dreams are made of! If you think this reads racy, just go catch a glimpse of what’s happening in IPL season III! The balls are wheezing past the diving fielders faster than a tracer bullet (now I swear this line ain’t written by Shaz or the bowler to suffer ain’t Waz) wink wink. And I am talking about just the game number one of the season! Imagine the fun when we talk about 60 such power packed, lip smacking contests! Man, am I waiting for a time of my life or what!

I hear Miss Padukone gave a fan-freakin-tastic performance yesterday in the grand opening ceremony. How I missed it yaa! But thanks to IPL, YouPL, and SETPL I will catch her around before she misses me too much ;) Hey btw..Did you guys see what happened last night? I saw Gilly and Dada (almost reads like Gilly Danda;)) playing out a see saw battle that went into the favour of team that played its last ten overs better than its opponent, be it bowling or batting. Having cut a sorry nought while batting, Dada tried to reclaim some glory by running around with the zest of a field marshal! Lucky him. His troupe responded well in the moment of crisis and Gilly’s men played shots that will make them flush in embarrassment. The end result says it all. The first battle of IPL III, played between Gilly’s  David  vs Danda’s Goliaths has gone into the favour of Dandaa. Now I am thinking of what’s going to happen when Tendlya- the doubletondulkar meets the man of many fingers-Warnie ;). Watch out- coz they say, the man really knows how to turn the heat on when he nears his forties! And these two gents aren’t far from that category!

On that note...Enjoy maaadi! God bless you!

Captain...Get me a bottle of Kingfisher Beer please.

PS: RCBian dish Disha is going to cover the post match party and fashion show at the Oberoi Trident tonight. Besides pleading her to get me tendlya’s autograph, I have asked her to stay away from the man of many fingers. Lols.


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Cracker of an opening game it was. Eagerly waiting for our KKR tie now. And of course today's after party :)
disha-shetty on 14 Mar 2010, 01:41 AM