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The Hot-Spot(DRS) Technology & The Vaseline Remark…

The Vaseline remark made by Michael Vaughan has been one among the latest controversial matter happening in the ongoing India-England Test Series by England which was made against the Indian batsmen VVS Laxman.


There have been quite a few controversies happening on the Hot-Spot issue on the ongoing India-England series from the time the DRS had been made mandatory. After the Hawk Eye being
removed by ICC and the lbw use for the same been removed too, the
England Team don't seem to be too pleased with this.The incident
took place when VVS Laxman was batting and James Anderson was having a
go at him in the 2nd Test Match at Trent Bridge.

The Hot-Spot Controversy:-

James Anderson bowled at Laxman and in that delivery, The Hot Spot camera didn't show any white mark on the bat and even there was no edge, even though the third umpire, Billy Bowden said that he felt that he heard a sound, but since there wasn't enough evidence for him to so it was given as not out which in fact was actually not out. The players at the slips were convinced that there was an edge but the Hot-Spot showed it otherwise.


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The Vaseline remark:-

Michael Vaughan made remarks on Laxman that VVS had used Vaseline on the edge of his bat to get away from the Hot-Spot decisions and there were talk going on that using Vaseline on the edge of a bat makes it difficult for the Hot Spot cameras to detect an edge, but Broad confirmed for himself that Laxman had used nothing on his equipment, it was  not right on Vaughan's part to make such a remark on Laxman.

Very Very Special - VVS Laxman:-

Even though the teams have been benefited from the use of Hot-Spot, even if a single decision goes against them they raise an issue on this, if the decision is taken in favor of the team then they have no problem with the Hot-Spot technology.

If VVS laxman wanted, he could have sued Michal Vaughan and taken this matter to the court but VVS also did not want this to be got into any more further controversy hence he kept quite in the matter and the game moved on.

This shows that the Indian players are true Gentlemen of the game.  This remark made by Vaughan clearly showed the frustration of England players and it also clearly showed hat England wants to win everything in the test matches by hook or by crook, by good way or bad means, but its Team India who wants to play the game in True spirit.

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royal challengers


Umpiring at its best:-

The ongoing India-England Test series has seen outstanding umpiring decisions taken by the umpires and the quality of umpiring has been at its best except for a few decisions made.

The Hot-Spot technology:-

The question still remains that is the Hot-Spot really accurate with the removal of Hawk eye ? ? ?

A decision has also been taken by the ICC that the hot-spot will go through testing and it will help in the use of this technology further so no doubt remains in the mind of the Players and the Teams on this technology.

The opinion of many of us would be that the removal of Hawk eye was the wisest decision made by ICC and the use of Hot-Spot being made as mandatory was even more wiser and of course with the continuous use of hot-spot it will surely benefit all the teams in the long run and the players and the teams should stop making such remarks and if found guilty the action should compulsory be taken by the ICC maybe with a warning or fine for the 1st time so as to enable the game of Cricket to continue in true spirit by all the Cricket Playing Nations in the world.

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its good but not 100 percent
Ashish-Uchil on 09 Sep 2011, 03:39 AM
DRS great tech...!!!!!
kiran0520 on 29 Aug 2011, 06:57 AM
The best in d business than hawk eye !!
STUNN on 24 Aug 2011, 07:53 AM
Even if he would have applied vaseline then what
kiran0520 on 22 Aug 2011, 06:46 AM
what can vaseline do
its not such accurate
it's a very good technology
majesticmahi on 17 Aug 2011, 05:34 PM
Its very tough to win the series
nickynsd on 12 Aug 2011, 03:05 AM
Can india win 3rd test?
shashi-kumar2 on 11 Aug 2011, 11:44 PM
indian has its right
mulgur on 11 Aug 2011, 11:43 PM
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