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The Mumbai show…

Bangalore was given a wake up call by Mumbai as Mumbai trashed Bangalore by 57 runs two nights ago.











Bangalore was given a wake up call by Mumbai as Mumbai trashed Bangalore by 57 runs two nights ago [SCORECARD].  Bangalore is almost in, unless KKR can make a miracle like scoring 284 runs in a ball.  Bangalore is certain to meet Mumbai in the semis, but if Saturday's match is anything to go by, Mumbai truly hold the edge.  The match on Saturday was marred as a two low intensity blast took place outside the stadium in the generator room, causing an inevitable delay.  The match started and Mumbai played simply amazingly, helped by some very sloppy fielding and poor bowling.  Raydu scored 46 while out of form Duminy showed magnificent touch as he raced to 42 of just 19 balls.  Bangalore started the chase disastrously, losing Kallis and Pandey with just 31 on the board.  Things only went from bad to worse as RCB lost 6 wickets before even reaching 100, with only Kohli as a reputed batsmen left.  In the end, RCB lost by 57 runs and the NRR took a nose dive. 






The bowling was disastrous barring Steyn.  Steyn bowled a lovely line and asked plenty of questions, while all others including Kumble bowled some very ordinary deliveries that was deposited into the stands.  Pankaj Singh was taken over 50 in his 4.  This is surely a warning bell, and RC must do some serious tinkering with their bowling to get it up to the mark in the semis.


The feilding was woeful with 3 catches being dropped.  The ground fielding was pathetic and worse was the catching as sitters were dropped.






The batting was under tremendous pressure and wilted under some very intelligent and tight bowling by the Mumbai bowlers.  With the run rate ever climbing and some tight bowling, only increased the pressure.  The batting was done and in the end, it was a very unforgettable day.


It was a rare day when everything that one does goes wrong but hopefully, the semis will be contrary to the display witnessed on Saturday.



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I agree to Raghu. Bowlers in a T20 game are likely to be hit. Any bowler, who gives 30-35 runs in his 4 overs is considered to be doing ok. That also implies that a target of 160-170 is a norm for the team chasing. What we need is a consistenly solid and confident batting display. We have the SF and we need to beat the formidable MI to get to the finals. Every single batsman, has to come good in the next game and the final if we get there. Anything less will be useless.

Wizardprince on 20 Apr 2010, 02:00 AM
It is really our batting that has to improve. Bowling in 20 20 will go for runs but as batsmen, we need to score in the first six. It was pathetic to see pandey and kallis bat the way they did.. Pandey batting was a horrendous sight, even seeing murlitharan bat would have been a better sight as it is amusing and funny in its own way but this was just plain bad.. and kallis really needs to score.

I always see they never take chances first 6 overs but whats the use if you dont take chances but still lose your wicket having less runs on board, the point of not taking chances is because we can accelerate later, but these guys were just not able to do that.. and this has been the story from past 3-4 matches
raghu-kumar1 on 20 Apr 2010, 12:46 AM