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The Rejuvenated Uthappa

The return of the uthappa to it's spicy,tasty best!!

            royal challengersroyal challengers

Two mindbogglers!!one swells your taste buds.The other swells your adrenalin levels with some exciting cricket!!

3-4 years ago around the same time a boy called Robin Uthappa was donning the Indian colours on the cricket field for the first time.Thanks to a huge booty of  854 runs in 7 Ranji matches.The indian coulors were a perfect match on robin uthappa coz he made a debonair 86 and made a mismatch of the oposition,England.This innings took many by awe and without doubt people knew they had a lad who has the potential to become a legend.

                                     royal challengers

                                     BCCI calling!!What a start to an ODI carrer!!

Sadly uthappa seemed to be waxing and waining in form periodically.He would win crucial matches sometimes but would often lose his wicket cheaply.His performance was definately not upto the expectations.With many yongsters waiting in the block providing stiff competition for a place in the indian squad, it was certain that uthappa would miss the bus next time around if he dint pull up his socks.Though uthappa tried to pull things back with a patient second highest individual score of the match for india in the asia cup finals against Sri Lanka,the selectors thought they had enough of uthappas and decided to try different things for breakfast and brought in some rookies like Rohit and called back Raina.

                                royal challengers

                   Back to plundering local bowlers!!Anybody who can get rid of him??

                                  naa,i am afraid.He is too good.

Uthappa was still under reckoning with some good domestic knocks.The selectors seemed to have a different line of thought and persisted with uthappa's omission.Luckily for the "madikeri Huli" the state selectors had faith in him that his international experience could help to mentor the team.They put him at the helm of affairs and it seemed to work for Karnataka.Though Robbie's form was going down the slope,the karnataka team seemed to be a different unit.Uthappa's form dint seem to matter much coz though he was totally out of sorts the selectors persisted with him.The nail in the coffin seemed to have been hit when uthappa was dropped from a second string playing XI of south zone in the Duleep trophy Finals followed by the handing over of the karnataka team captancy to vinay kumar.

                                         royal challengers

                    uthappa out of second string team!!Unbelieveble!!

                          Is too much shaving the reason??LOL!!

Last evening uthappa seemed to have forgotten the past and come into the crease with a different mind set.It was a treat for the fans as uthappa's bat worked like a launching machine depositing the ball out of the park.The old swashbuckling uthappa seemed to have taken rebirth.The muscle power behind his strokes is not surprising because he was a guy who has weilded the hockey stick.Generally, people who have used the hockey stick have very powerful arms.Given that uthappa's dad was an international hockey umpire,you can see how much of hocky expertise will go into each of those power strokes.Uthappa's star studded 50 off just 19 balls set the stadium ablaze and also set up the match for us.Each of his hits to the fence looked so easy..as if he was plucking apples from a tree.

                       royal challengersroyal challengers

                The man at left makes big hitting look like the task at the right


                        royal challengersroyal challengers



One observation i made was quite interesting.Just before uthappa came into the crease the stadium was galore with the "hodimaga" song from the film jogi.Uthappa seemed to have taken a cue from the song and he did just what the song said.If innings like these can come constantly from uthappa's blade,there is no doubt that the selectors will not think twice before adding his name to the list of probables for the T20 world cup.Why stop at that,maybe even gaurentee him a place in the playing XI.Looking forward for uthappa to perform in all matches courtesy the standard he set due to this innings.Keeping my fingers crossed that such innings are just not preserved for days like ugadi and christmas.If he does choose to,wishing that everyday is a christmas or ugadi!!


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Great blog Batty!

Hope this innings marks a re-birth of Uthappa. It was so frustrating to see him going down the slope-to join 'they could have done more' list of S. Vishwanath, V Bhradawaj, D Johnson, JAK etc.

Who can dare to write-off Robin now?
harsha-vardhan on 18 Mar 2010, 01:49 AM