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The Switch-Hit & The Dilscoop shots in cricket

The much talked off "The Switch-Shot" was once again seen in action in the 1st 20-20 International played between India & Australia which is a wonderful thing to happen in cricket.


The Switch hit:-

The Switch hit was first used  by England batsman Kevin Pieterson on 15 June 2008 in a ODI against New Zealand when he effectively changed from a right-hander to a
left-hander just before the ball is delivered by the bowler for the
purpose of executing the shot and he hit 2 sixes in the cover region. It is a variation of the reverse sweep, in which the stance is changed during the bowler's delivery action. The shot is executed by changing stance from a right-handed to a left-handed batsman or vice-versa during the bowler's run-up.


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The shot has generated much debate in the cricket world, some heralding
it as an outstanding display of skill and others arguing that if the
batsman changes stance he gains an unfair advantage over the bowler
because the field is set based on the batsman's initial stance at the
crease. The laws of cricket, have confirmed they will not legislate against the
switch shot and cited that the shot was perfectly legal in accordance
with cricketing laws

The latest switch shot was seen just in the 1st T-20 International match by Australian David Warner against India on 1-2-2012 were Warner did a neat switch and had a clean hit changing his left hand bat to right hand and carted Ashwin for a six. To this David Hussey had made a statement that the switch shot should be celebrated and not banned. 


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The Dilscoop:-

Coming to another point while talking about the switch shot was another shot was discovered by our very own RCBian Tillakaratne Dilshan which came to be famously known as "The Dilscoop" which was first used during the ICCWorld Twenty20 held during June 2009 in England and which also is famously known as "The Pallu Scoop". The basis of the stroke is to go on one knee to a good length or
slightly short of length delivery off a fast or medium paced bowler and
'scoop' the ball over the head of the wicket keeper. The ball travels
straight towards the boundary behind the wicket keeper.The Dilscoop has also become known as the McScoop in New Zealand, due to the right-handed batsman Brendon McCullum's extensive use of the shot.


royal challengers

These shots are actually a wonderful thing to happen in cricket and
due to modern day cricket were 20-20 has come into existence the shot
would be used more often by most of the batsmen in the near future too.
This excites everyone watching the shot as its completely different from
an ordinary shot. If these would be used in Test cricket too then it would be a fantastic thing to happen to cricket. Lets hope that cricket would discover more of these kinds of other shots too in the future. 


Video of Kevin Pieterson Switch-hit:-




(All images, property of espncricinfo.com/youtube, used for
reference only).

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Yo Jinish , i agree with u on those shots it was just that i did not want to mention on those and just wanted to write in details on these 2 shots :)By d way I am not able to find you on facebook anywhere have u removed ur profile or what.
aka on 03 Feb 2012, 10:56 AM
hey lets not forget our desi versions of such orthodox shots..."Helicopter Shot" and "the Upar Cut" but looking at the current scenario of Indian cricket these shots have become "Id-Ka-Chand". i hope we get to see them soon..
jinish on 03 Feb 2012, 07:22 AM
good one :) :)
tejas05 on 03 Feb 2012, 07:08 AM