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Top again and a not so liked batting order strategy

If it has to be singled out, it was a Robin Uthappa special today that took us to the top again. We started as favorites and we pretty much ruled once Uthappa got going. The turning points

a. Second drop catch of Uthappa, after which he totally killed the attack

b. Hayden runout

The Kallis Notout finally got out for the first time today smile We totally need him to continue with his top form. So I hope he is in business as soon as the next match.

His wicket exposed an interesting batting order strategy that we've had.

It reads: "Play in Rahul if Kallis gets out"

Both have solid defense and of course can up the ante if need be. So to say have the experienced Rahul or Kallis around and let the others play around them. Or so it seems.

This looks great on paper but am not too sure if its the right thing to do.

To start with am not a big fan of dynamic batting orders. It really helps if the players know who is going to go in next. Of course T20 is fast and there are times when batting order changes totally make sense.

In that case, I would like RD to come in when we have a batting collapse or when we need to safely chase down those dicey smaller totals. Not at all because RD cannot up the strike rate but because no one else comes close to him when it comes to playing solid cricket.

In the first match against KKR: Rahul coming in when we were railing 20/3 in 6 overs would have made sense (though it din't happen)

Today the time when Kallis got out we were striking just about 6 runs an over. There wasn't any batting collapse and the situation was to increase the scoring rate than to save wickets. In fact Kallis got out improvising.

If RD was simply promoted up the order (and there is no dynamic batting order) its a great thing to do! He has proven enough number of times he can bat at a great strike rate while playing good cricket shots. Plus he is in a great touch too. But if he is going  to come in "situation"  it has to be when we need to solidify not when Kallis gets out.

All this IMHO. What you folks think?

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Latest comments

@Holmes: Interesting point on murali. It could be that but Virat and Robin both are pretty good against spin. So am not too sure about it.
And lets not count dropped catches :) Even RD was dropped once for that matter. the game is far from predictable.

@Nityanand We need not wait for 10-12 overs actually. I loved how the 200+ chase happened with consistent run rate throughout.

@Royaler: thanks! agree on the "keep the winning strategy" just that kallis fell for the first time, so this bit of the strategy got exposed for the first time.
Nilesh-Hiray on 24 Mar 2010, 11:13 PM
good strategy..
AnantRCB on 24 Mar 2010, 10:23 PM
Nilesh-Hiray i respect your views.
In this world, we cannot satisfy everyone because opinions differ between the people.
People will see the same objects differently.
For me, current game plan is working well and we are winning. If they lose then they have change the line of attack
Royaler on 24 Mar 2010, 10:02 PM
It was not wrong to get dravid in at 3. Mayb the strategy was tht Kallis or dravid face Murli. since kallis got out early n Murali was soon to be introduced, it was better Dravid comes in.
Now, RCB cant expect to have such luck tht Robin got dropped twice! match cud have been absolutly different had the catch been held. but i m sure dravid wil come good n do well in the middle overs. hope to see Morgan explode now!
HOLMES on 24 Mar 2010, 10:01 PM
No, I think it actually makes sense.

RCB in fact has been one of those teams that has shown that u can chase or put up high scores by plying solidly(Jacques kallis in this IPL). so if we havent lost more than 1 wicket (with Rahul at crease) we can go for an all out attack after 10-12 ovrs with Uthappa,Morgan,Boucher n later in the series Taylor. they can just tear the opponent apart if they have wickets in hand and here comes the role of Rahul n kallis...i really like this strategy.Everyone here plays to his strength and when a team plays to their strength nothing can really stop them
Nityanand-Singh on 24 Mar 2010, 08:01 PM