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Trade the cap for the cup!

Was good to get an additional spinner for the Nagpur track (though we definitely neeed pk back for the rest of the matches). Steyn seems to love Nagpur pitch. We did great to restrict the Deccans to 150. Rohit was looking in great touch. (good for the world cup)
I thought Kallis was too slow and predictable. The pitch was good to bowl slow pace.. but not if you are predictable short.

We looked cruising when RD and Kallis were in. And then we lost the plot. Kallis slowed down a little too much today. So the pressure was building.

The ground was big. After the good start all we needed to do was to nudge around in the gaps and take the twos. But we were still in Bangalore! Three big wickets fell to long on/off. And in the end it was a little too much to do. Robin almost got us home.. Maybe he could have held the nerve after thrashing harris. But still another amazing knock by him!

We've got the orange cap back from SRT, but I guess we could have traded it for match cup instead.

Still very much in the fight. But its getting very tight now.

Against Rajasthan, I hope we win the toss. On that pitch, and by our strength we definitely need to bat second.

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@ durjay-mishra mate i was saying it was a collective failure as a team dont just blame at a player!!!! u sure have got some aganist Kumble for sure dont why though!!!
druv-setty on 14 Apr 2010, 10:08 PM
@druv-setty ..if people can point to a person who has the 2nd highest runs in this IPL, one of the best alrounder of the game.. then why not Kumble ? I am not being complecent about Kallis's achievement. But what I am pointing is more is expected of Kumble. What is the big big deal if he is a legend ?? We need to win matches... What will the team get if he has good economy rate and he des not take enough wicket n win matches ?
durjay-mishra on 14 Apr 2010, 07:58 PM
@ durjay-mishra firstly in Druv and mate see da matches properly before pointin at legends like kumble. I mean da guys got the best economy in this IPL n u talkin bout his bowlin i don get u!!!!
druv-setty on 14 Apr 2010, 09:54 AM
@Dhrub..rightly said.. It was not the mistake of Kallis. It was a collective failure. Kumble said that Its Kallis whose slow bowling did us in.. What Is Kumble doing in the team. Except one or two matches his bowling is really poor. Each time in 4 overs he gives 35 odd runs by taking one wicket. Whatever statistics people give the 5 matches we won was because of Kallis. Without Kallis batting at top of the order Uthhappa cant do anything..

@Ray.. Dont take the gamble of unsettling the opening slot. Kallis is playing well. It was just another off day for him yesterday.
durjay-mishra on 14 Apr 2010, 09:48 AM
guys it was not Kallis's fault in yesterday's match!!!! then do u say for pandey virat taylor and white????? its their mistake not his!!!!! n if any one these players had played well v all would have said its was a great strategy by Ray...
u could also see this way too Ross dropped Gibbs catch n was out after scoring 11 more runs then by how many runs did we loose from remind me!!!!
i know it was'nt good batting by him the CSK match was lost due him n few others but certainly not da last one!!!!
druv-setty on 14 Apr 2010, 07:34 AM
What kind of strategy is 27 runs off 37 balls...everytime he does this...getting out by getting reqd runrate upto 10-12 per over..even yestday he didnt even try hitting the odd boundaries..Power is always a disaster for us ! Mr.Kallis its high time that you start playing for the CUP and not the CAP !!If it goes this way then our Sachin should get the cap..He deserves it ! I'm sure most of our RCB fans agree on this..
vijet-shetty on 14 Apr 2010, 02:12 AM

If you are reading Times of India, there is a column by Kallis. He keeps harping on the orange cap, saying he is excited about the orange cap and wants to keep it and stuff.

Kallis is playing for himself, no question about it. I pity you if you cant see that. NO need for any lie detector tests. He admits it himself. Read his columns.

Reason for our 6 wins till date
Kings XI punjab - Uthappa 51 from 21
Rajasthan 92 all out- bowling
Mumbai Indians - Pandey 40 from 27 balls , Kallis 66 from 55
Chennai Super Kings - Uthappa 68 from 38.
Kings XI punjab - Uthappa 22 from 8, Kohli 42 from 26.
KKR - Uthappa 50 from 22, Dravid 50 from 35.

You can see that Kallis has played only one match winning innings. He doesn't deserve a place. His bowling is a liability. Has conceded highest number of fours. Van der Merve is a better option. Kallis is killing RCB by his test skills in powerplay.
bssrinivasa on 14 Apr 2010, 01:07 AM
And now it seems our captain Kumble has joined the bandwagon against kallis : Someone posted this link in one of the forums...good one -


@Holmes - According to you Kumble also joins the 90% fools category for talking against kallis for RCB's sake!! (since you go by the some reviews you read earlier rather than using your head to analyse facts and figures)
manu-prasad on 13 Apr 2010, 11:53 PM
The expression on Dr Mallya's face said it all! So I shouldn't heap misery on myself by describing how I feel with words!

Kallis has opened the innings in all 12 matches. The other opener is "by rotation". Wonder why he is not being "rotated".

Does the team management know that Uthappa's strength is against fast bowlers - faster the better! and all it takes is 1 good spinning delivery to consume him? In his present murderous mood, try sending him as an opener and see what 20 balls can do to the scoreboard! In the company of Manish or Dravid!!

Great going Uthappa, continue the great work ... you are lone shining star in the RCB Galaxy!
Raghunath on 13 Apr 2010, 11:06 PM
I completely agree with manu-prasad. Kallis is not supposed to be kept in the taem . Get in boucher or may be merve in next match in place of kallis. Kumble has already accepted that Kallis was one of the reasons for yesterdays lost to DC. Open with dravid n pandey as dravid looks in good touch. I feel now PK needs to be also back in place of Appana. And for god sake kumble n Ray dont play Kallis in the coming games , He is already down with confidence now. Its better that we play merve / boucher as per the wicket condition. Kallis to me definitely looks different than what he was in that first week of IPL.Dont risk RCB s spot just for that sake ofplaying leading run scorer in the tournamebt. when we can drop a batsman like peterson why cant we drop Kallis.
VishaltheDravidfan on 13 Apr 2010, 10:23 PM
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