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Victory should become a process....

Ugadi 2010!!! what a feast it was. Thanx to team RCB and in particular, Jacques and Robin for their splendid display of skill in the process to conquer the Kings from Punjab. RCB fans and Kannadigas in particular again, could not have asked for a better gift from Team RCB than this win on our New Year. This win will go such a long way, for sure will be spoken on every Ugadi (New Year) and remain as one of the most cherished win ever.

On behalf of the mighty 14 I would like to thank the RCB management, Players, Support staff for making our day a memorable one too. Its often said that the response of the crowd is the pulse of the game, how true this statement is, one will only agree, if they would have been a part of this on Ugadi day at the stadium.

I was thrilled to read the statement from the skipper that we wanted to finish the game in 19 overs. This statement means a lot to the team and the fans and showcases the confidence and the belief they have in themselves and as a team. Let us all agree to the fact that chasing 204 on home ground is not a an easy task. The way they built the innings right from Manish taking his chances, Jacques using all his experience to finish the game, playing an innings of his life, Robin robbing the victory from the dreaming KXIP, is something very rare and can happen when the team has got together very well. This chase will definitely translate in building a bigger fan base across the world.

This victory should not be an event, this victory should translate in to a process henceforth and RCB will be roaring to go today taking on the champions of the first edition who are not looking in a great touch though. But a wounded tiger is more dangerous, so lets get in to the act of hunting it down before it dares to roar again.

As the legendary Michael Jordan once said "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships", how true it is turning out to be for RCB family.


royal challengers

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