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Virat steals the show yet again…..!!!!

Virat Kohli scored a scintillating 128 in the 4th ODI and helped India chase down a target of 252 put up by Sri Lanka to wrap up the series early with a satisfactory win.

 Its yet another wonder from star RCB batsman Virat Kohli.He yet again proved his might to score a scintillating 128 out of just 119 deliveries to clinch the series for team India and gift them a win with a 3-1 lead.

Virat’s journey towards his 13th century.

 Virat came in pretty early as Gambhir was bowled by Malinga, for none.Viart,after coming in, scored his first four in the 4th over when Malinga dropped a short delivery outside off.Virat was going a bit slow during his initial overs .Till the 17th over Virat scored just singles and doubles but he suddenly spurred up with a boundary,an over boundary and a single, in the 18th over.

While Virat was getting consolidated in his position on the pitch,leading india towards a convincing victory,other batsmen like Rohit Sharma and Manoj Tiwary came in but failed to make much contributions going out on 12.4 and 23.4th over,respectively.The out of form Rohit Sharma failed againThey were followed by Suresh Raina who came in at number 6. Soon after Raina came in,he lunged out to defend but he missed,when D Chandimal charges onto Dharnasena to appeal the wicket but later the replay showed that the ball was missing the outside edge by a mile.

Virat & Raina were continuing with their 2’s and 1’s when Virat reached his half century in the 27th over when he drove the ball through for a single.

Virat’s singles and doubles were combined with a single four in each of  the 30th,31st,32nd overs.

Raina was almost run out in the 32nd over but was saved as the direct hit by Dilshan he misses a direct hit.Raina was almost gone a mile.

In the 39th over there was the worst exhibition of fielding by Sri Lanka when one of their fielder’s dropped a very easy catch and Virat was saved from being caught.

Virat’s quest from his 70s to his 80s was comparatively slower than his journey from when he reached 86 ,till reaching his 100. Virat used just 4 deliveries to reached his 13th ton from his stand of 86 runs,punishing almost every deliveries,to punch four’s and sixes.He was looking tremendously confident of his each and every stroke.Even after reaching the 100,Virat continued with his good work to reach 128 out of just 119 balls and yet remaining not out.<a href='http://www.royalchallengers.com/virat-kohli' class='seo_helper' title='Virat Kohli'>Virat Kohli</a> guided India's chase once again

Raina also made the much needed contribution of 54 runs using 49 deliveries which along with  virat’s awesome 128 helped India clinch the series at an early stage.Suresh Raina scored his third half-century of the series

India won the match by 6 wickets and the series with a 3-1 lead.

Man of the Match Virat Kohli looked very happy and satisfied in the presentation ceremony  and said that ‘if he scores good runs and  the Team wins,there can’t be a better motivation factor than that’.



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