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Walls do not retire,they become Monuments

The curtains are drawn to a magnificent play that lasted sixteen memorable years.However,the soliloquy of one man who stood out like an enormous tree and shaded the whole play for the duration.

 Patience,perseverance,dedication,commitment,endurance. These are merely hunky dory words.They get their meaning when something exemplary is there that helps us comprehend their meaning.One such person who overshoots some of these,thanks to his deeds on and off the 22 yards,is the scion of our dear city-Rahul Dravid.

Words to express his attributes are hard to find


 He will probably go down the history books as one of the last classical test batsmen,who had perfection in depicting what exactly the cricket manuals meant.Such debonairness exiting from the game reminds me of how the art of weaving the muslin became outdated a couple of centuries ago.The vanguard of a revolution that brought Indian cricket to constant limelight overseas and at home. One may note that his entry into the team wasn't a red carpet.He trod upon all the thorns before landing himself in the bed of roses.Though impatient critics kept blabbering about the scoring rate,he remained unfazed and continued what he does best-enduring long hours of play,letting the flair players have their share of spotlight.His silent behind the scenes strive to make all the five days of a traditional game count was the backbone of bringing India to the classical top spot after seven decades of having a presence in the sport of cricket.Always a team man,willing to go the extra mile to cater to the team.A more than mediocre stint behind the stumps and coming handy occasional off spin supplements his tall tower of runs, to that claim.









I depict them better that the textbooks,don't I?

Chipping in behind the wickets,when the team was in dire need


 On most of the occasions his face was shown in the penumbra region of a shadow,the glare being on someone else.Right from Ganguly's century at lords hiding the patient near hundred score he made on debut till the day he retired,the tower of his runs standing only next to the record studded colossal house of runs of the master blaster that overlooks dravid's,it has nearly been the same story.For that matter his leading abilities were marred just because of a forgetful world cup at the caribbean.His leadership exploits resulting in once in a generation wins at England and the West indies look tiny.Not to forget the sixteen match winning streak while chasing in the one day internationals.The gentleman that he is,not once did he complain. On the contrary,he always kept to himself.

      His immense concentration and hard work is what has pushed him to where he is today.His marathon knocks at Adelaide and Rawalpindi are masterpieces of concentration and determination to stay at the crease.Despite constant murmur about his proximity to breaking lara's record at Rawalpindi and yet exhibiting patience to play his natural game by the critics,he took it to his stride with a smile and said "I will probably need 6 day tests to beat that." That was the kind of sport he was!His hand eye coordination and focus is what stands out today when one sees the most number of catches in test cricket against his name.

I never let it "slip" :D

     This season of the Indian premiere league,will probably be the last we will see of the man playing on the 22 yards.However,those memorable treats he gave our eyes during his presence on the field will not be something that one can forget easily.Here is wishing him and his family all the very best for their future endeavors.The great wall of Shall always remain a monument etched in our memory,the wall that we have in his name at our beloved chinnaswami stadium,where he was groomed.

All the very best.We will miss you :(



The Monument smile.All intact bricks.No holes out there.




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hmm...... really great post
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hmm.... really great post
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hmm.... really great post
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The title is enough to speak the content!
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Thank you for the appreciation :) .I take it to my stride.
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Unbreakable Wall!!!....looking for the unleashment in IPL...:)
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happy 2 see u as the coach
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