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What killed our campaign

Here are a few things that I think hurt us the most.

- Kallis losing form

I remember an early poll in the tournament on the site, about who is the most influential player for RCB this season. And it was almost unanimously Kallis. At that moment we were right on the top. Unfortunately, he lost form and he indeed was the most influential player in our camp.


- Choice of too many

Once we had the full strength, we were really not too sure whom to pick whom to not. And while its a good to be in situation, it can back fire too


- Change of opening pair

And in general too many changes to a winning combination. We had one of the best openings and suddenly we got Pandey out. The new pair din't work. We got Pandey back. He failed. (and eventually even Kallis failed)


- Change of the venue for semis

As Ramya calls it, we got 'Bomb'ayed. Though I think it was the right thing to do, given that the drama continued on the following day.

That said, I think we had one of the better teams in the tournament, we lost some very easy chases and end of the day 14 points don't justify our potential. At least 4 points short I think.

Hopefully, we win the 3rd place playoff and get a berth for the champions league. Of course DC will be my favorite opposition :)

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Latest comments

its true that we didn't perform to our potential!

I think we should get over it and start looking ahead to win the games coming our way.
Sn-Sudheendra on 23 Apr 2010, 04:54 AM
why havent they utilised steven smith?why isnt morgan bringing out his true potential?why is taylor out of form?i think all thes questions cant be answered by the shameful jennings
ranns167 on 22 Apr 2010, 11:48 PM
1.persisting wth kallis
2.reluctant to give a chance for leading wkt tkr
4.dravid n kohli can give a gd platform bt they cant take on the bowling attack so they should be utilised in early part of the innings
5.keeping a specialist t20 batsman in dugout!
( morgan)
ymahesh on 22 Apr 2010, 11:28 PM
The body language of the team yesterday was very poor. It never seemed like they were playing a big game and had intentions of winning it.
Its not fair to compare, but if you look at teams like CSK,RR,DC, they give their best and try to pull the game as much as possible. Our team neither with bat nor ball seemed like had intent of winning.
The other day against DD when DC won, Symonds being the MoM said that he was sad for getting out that way and was feeling very much responsible for the team for not putting a better score - Really a sportsman's attitude. I appreciate!

We are a massive fans of a team that least has a attitude to fight. :(
haribs on 22 Apr 2010, 10:13 PM
Kumble is a "Soft Captain". We have a captain and coach who could not make the best of all the talented players we have got. Kumble seems to have a soft corner for Manish Pandey and Praveen Kumar. With al the resources that the RCB management has given this team, how could Kumble manage such a poor show??? I bet he cant ask for more!!!

Throughout the tournament Manish Pandey kept getting chances after chances. Was there nobody else to replace him. Did he deserve so many chances?

Praveen Kumar was always known to bowl four good balls and I wonder what happens after that. He thinks he is a stalwart and experiments and gets pelted. Cant he stick to his basics.

Robin Uthappa can never finish off matches like a Suresh Raina or Rohit Sharma. Tendulkar has clearly shown that T20 is not all abt striking the ball hard. Its about timing, rotating the strike and partnerships. What has Uthappa learned from it?? Nothing. He thinks his sixers will finish off the game and he has the poorest shot selection. He is one of the most talented Indian cricketers and it pains to see him get out like this after a solid start. What does the coach teach them.

All The matches RCB has lost is cause they did not have a good partnership and even the ones they won was due to Induvidual performances like that of Kallis, or Kevin Pieterson or Robin. Each member of the team has always tried to win the game for RCB all by himself not with a partnership

Thanks RCB for such a shameful performance after all the promise you made in the initial few games. Ray Jennings I wonder what You teach your boys. I think its time for you to go back to South Africa with crates of Kingfisher beer and not come back.
Srinii on 22 Apr 2010, 09:49 PM
u know whats the problem with RCB?..............
they are all stuck up with names than performances.....
i cant make out y kallis,pandey and praveen cud still be in the team....
they cud have delivered long back....but its not now definately right?......

y cant white play?..
what about vander merwe...
what was taylor doing der?....
playing the test match against aussies again after his series?.........
Surya-Vamsi on 22 Apr 2010, 08:44 PM