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What went right for RCB ?

Though we could not reach the finals, third position is not particularly a bad position to be in!

Many a times in life, opposite of success is not failure, its quitting. Winners never quit and those who quit never win. We know that our RCB, under the captaincy of Kumble, are the winners, because they simply do not quit. So instead of looking for the what went wrong, let us look for the positive side and analyse what went right for RCB.

We started our campaign disastrously by losing to KKR, but then re-grouped very well, to reach the top of the table, though for very short time.Then we again lost momentum in the middle, and ultimately we had to offer numerous prayers so that other teams do not have better Net run rate than us.Thus it was a roller-coaster ride for RCB and they have seen it all.

The things that went right for RCB this year were:

No Over-dependence on Foreign players:  Unlike the first season and the first half of the second season, this year, there was never a moment when RCB had to worry about the choice of four foreign players.Young guns like Kohli, Uthappa and Pandey shouldered responsiblity along with old war-horse Rahul Dravid.In bowling department Praveen Kumar and Vinay Kumar complimented Dale Steyn well.

Robbie- The six hitter: "Uthappa,You deserve ten dosas" That is what Ravi Shastri had said, when Robbie guided India to one of it's famous victory against England. After this IPL, robbie certainly deserves more. He may have scored less than half of what the highest scorer in this tournament has managed, but he certainly made his presence felt. He is such clean striker of the ball and his ability to hit (and switch-hit) sixes at will, made him even more dangerous. Uthappa's strike rate at 171.55 is second only to that of Kierron Pollard.He also hit 27 sixes, which is the most by any batsmen.As if his batting was not enough, he also kept wickets which allowed the team to play a extra player instead of regular keeper.

Old players delivered: By saying old, I mean only by age! All these above thirty players have shown that they belong to a different class altogether.Kallis, Dravid, Kumble never made us feel that T-20 is a youngster's game. Kallis was the stand-out performer, not only with the bat, but also contributed with the ball.

The fast and furious Steyn: He looked scratchy at the start, but once he got into his rhythm, there was never a question mark on his place in the side.Picking up 15 wickets at an healthy economy rate of 6.88 runs an over, Steyn justified his number one ranking.

The Jumbo Factor:  This man continues to surprise everyone. On the field, it seems that a soul of 20 year old is trapped in the body of a 40 year old. To be honest, I had doubts whether he would excel, because he had quit from all forms of competitive cricket. But in future I will make sure that I doubt his ability, because each time I do so, he impresses me even more. 17 wickets at an economy rate of 6.42 runs an over speak for themselves.

The twelfth man for RCB- The Chinaswamy crowd: RCB fans gave a new meaning to the phrase 'paint the town red'. Whenever RCB played at their home ground, the fans made sure there wasn't a seat empty, there was no colour visible other than red! No wonder, The Chinaswamy Stadium won the 'Best Stadium Award' at  IPL Awards!


Last but not the least, the man behind RCB, Mr. Vijay Mallya and his son Siddharth Mallya deserve huge credit for the sucess of the team.They were present for almost every match of RCB to cheer them and encourage them.


IPL has gone, but not before opening the can of worms. The controversies regarding IPL refuse to die down. But I believe controversies are hallmark of all great things in this world.And surely IPL is one of the better things to have happened to Cricket!

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Latest comments

Thnx Srishti and Anisha!
I hope we will overcome our shortcomings in CL-T20 :)
Sujansalian on 28 Apr 2010, 11:14 PM
@ Sujan - Thoroughly good post and point duly noted! I agree with you on a few points.

Steyn - He started off slightly on a edgy side but picked up length and discipline very well -with discipline i dont mean a few extras that he might have given away, but for ex - 17th April - His bowling against MI was tight and while other things dint work out for us, I found myself loving his spell.

Kallis - I cant help it, I am a Kallis fan. While people question his performance later on, they forget that those 3-4 amazing wins in a row were when he was at his best - consistently. Then, he dropped consistently :-(

I was there at semis cheering for RCB in stands with my friends (all MI supporters) and what I feel proud about is the way the boys started off - The body language was solid and meant business - in the end I sadly admitted - best performing side wins the day!
anisha@RCB on 28 Apr 2010, 11:10 PM
nice piece of work!!!
srishti-gajare on 28 Apr 2010, 09:30 PM
Thanx Raghu Sir!
Sujansalian on 28 Apr 2010, 10:29 AM
Good post Sujan.

1) No overdependence on foreign players - looks like that was the difference between making it to semis (that too with lot of struggle) and winning the trophy

2) Uthappa - the hero of RCB in IPL2010. However, his appetite for runs should increase. Around 20-30, I suspect something happens to him. He probably feels he has crossed the threshold. Either experiments or gets careless. He should watch movies of a leopard chasing its prey and devouring it. He should watch again and again. At what stage does does it look satisfied?

3) This is where I have a big difference with everyone in this world! Kallis delivered in first half. Not in the second half.

A rule of thumb for future should be:

Do well, your place is assured. 1st failure is an aberration. 2nd failure is costly - either you are OUT or you have just one more chance.

4) Steyn - did a great job. Sad that we didn't get to see any of his 'long handle' slogging and sixers

5) Jumbo - stood tall with his fantastic performance.

4) The Crowd - home crowd is always great - to any fan or player. Still waiting for the day when Dravid will whet the appetite of his home fans- Test, ODI, T20 - whatever, you still owe 'one big innings' before you retire.

5) Can of Worms - going by the scale of the event, was bound to be there. Thousands would have suspected but couldn't do anything. Like in Satyam, "men of integrity always feel uncomfortable to question leaders who are seen as successful". The whole thing is a package - intense competition, hype, entertainment, fun, money and liquor flowing in all directions, betting, thrill, glamour, media coverage, and of course corruption.

"Cricket in the middle" thankfully didn't suffer.
The body language of the owners and players did not give us such thoughts or doubts.
Raghunath on 28 Apr 2010, 07:56 AM