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What’s next for RCB and IPL?

After RCB crashing out of IPL, we as fans have left with hoping that our team makes it to the 3rd place where we can compete in the upcoming Champions league…........

Winning is very crucial, and winning is everything, there is no place for guys who come second, but in IPL there is a window for guys who come 3rd also where the 3rd team can qualify for the champions league, and winning the next match will be the crucial part for us and gives something to cheer for the fans of RCB who bleed Red & gold and the fantastic home support and support elsewhere the team has got, and being 2-3 times in this IPL in Bangalore stadium I believe that we are the best crowd that IPL got to see interms support the noise the flags and finally the way we cheer Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ccccccccccccccccc bbbbbbbbbbbbbb is something amazing once when the whole crowd does, and the decibel levels is at the highest peak when Robin Uthappa and Ross taylor are on a song people…..




But everything is not over yet, a deep introspect of their tactics is what they need to look into which somewhat was similar all the way, there was no change in approach or the intensity which we saw, and the Orange cap did us in, no point in showing finger towards one person here, but the whole team…. apart from few individual performances like Dale steyn and Robin uthappa nothing went according to the plan for Jennings & co.  And its high time that Mr. Mallya steps in and gives his views and the way the whole RCB is managed lately, somewhat lethargy kind of thing has picked up in the team and its not going away as they thought, KP, Kohli the bonding everything is there but the last final ingredient that the chef puts in to make the dish magical is what is missing in RCB team and its high time we take care of these loopholes and plug them such that there is no space of discrepancies in future.

And with all the controversy happening around the IPL somewhat has lost its charm this time around, where IT department are raiding all the teams starting from Kings 11 & KKR, and the Bomb blast outside chinnaswamy stadium then the venue for semifinals which got changed to Mumbai though it was like a blessing in disguise, as it rained all night yesterday and semifinals would not have happened here in Bangalore. But there is too much attention on Modi & Tharoor spat, now IPL has become the center of attraction with Government of India coming into the scene and a possible dethroning of Mr. Modi from IPL, and all this happening when still IPL has a semifinal and Finals remaining, even the players will be feeling the heat and the respective cricket boards questioning the legality aspects of IPL, hope nothing is lost and players interest remains in IPL...


Its not like BCCI is playing the role of Godfather all the time with its money and power tactics and doing whatever they want, it was great that Lalit modi created this IPL and got all the boards and its players playing in this format and the league, but there are too much of hidden issues, there is no transparency and now have found themselves in a fix out which they are struggling to come out, also media has blown things out of proportion, but then it has highlighted something which is important, a 4 billion entity is something which is huge and it to remain successful it should remain transparent no hidden agendas, or hidden costs and even if their relatives are having a stake should be based on a fair process not just because they know people in higher offices and are close to people who are in this business…This kind of mentality is something which has creeped up with Indians, where they want everything to be easy & no hardwork, just by knowing people, having connections in right place people are getting things done, and if things are hard to get by then they bribe them… and this is causing the problem & the scene will be like the poor will remain poor and the rich getting even more richer… Lets stop this corruption people, and where money is coming like this, then its quite obvious that people will question and if it is something like IPL, the whole India starting from PM to a peuon wants to know every thing about it..as they are also fans like me who are supporting a team and the format who wants to know the legitimacy of it, if it turns out not be a fair one then all is lost as one will not be interested to be associated with something which is not genuine in the first place…...these are my two cents people….....

What are your thoughts on this????

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mallya has to step in coz this team managment changed our winning combination when v won four in a row but failed to change whn v were on loosing trot isnt this rubbish?
ymahesh on 23 Apr 2010, 06:42 AM