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With the Coach!

Our first loss, our first away match coming up: here's what Coach Ray Jennings has to say..

So Coach, what are your thoughts on the last game?
Coach Ray Jennings: It’s one of the games that’s really difficult to analyse. They (KKR) should have made 200 and in the 12th over things went horribly wrong. I didn’t notice any different from our bowling. And then I expected us to make that score. But we had the lowest six-over score in IPL this year of 21-3, and nobody would’ve expected that with Chris Gayle. From my side, it’s one of those games you want to forget as quickly as possible and specially if its going to put down the mood of the team- we want the next one.

Okay, I’ve always wondered this- does having Gayle in the squad make the rest of Team a little complacent and do they put too much of their faith in Gayle and the rest of the Team tends to not take responsibility when he’s in the squad?
Coach Ray Jennings: I think with Chris, he just got out early and it’s not a matter of putting their faith in him. If he tends to stay a little bit longer, they might. I think Chris Gayle’s innings and the innings of the whole team was different. It wasn’t a normal cricket match, forget about an RCB match. The team just didn’t get playing from ball one, you know towards the end we picked up some sort of a momentum. Chris Gayle does bring his presence to the side and he brings in a different dimension and we need to fit in with that dimension because - he’s a match-winner.

So we had a little bit of an incident at the stadium 20 minutes before the play started. Does that affect the players at all or are they already in the zone and nothing hinders them once they are in that zone?
Coach Ray Jennings: Look it’s hard to give an answer for different individuals, I wouldn’t think so though. What concerned me was that the effortless hitting in the first 12 overs and then after 12 overs, nobody in the entire game was able to hit the ball. It was like switching on a light, it happened too quickly and it was a little puzzling for me that two players could come in and open at a strike rate of 200 percent and really nobody could put bat to ball thereafter.

So, what’s the planning for CSK, they haven’t also found their combination right. How do you plan to exploit that?
Coach Ray Jennings: Look it’s an interesting side, a very powerful side, a lot of international experience. But again I think they find themselves in a very similar situation as us. They face high expectations because they’ve got a lot of internationals. So, they are expected to win in their own home ground. I think there will be more pressure on them than us, because you know at the end of the day out of the 16 games you do plan which ones you should win (easily) and which ones you could lose. Playing here especially if we bat second is always gonna be difficult to win. From their side they need to actually win.

So, CSK has the secret weapon which is the heat and how do you plan to combat that, how do you plan to keep the players cool?
Coach Ray Jennings: Well, they’ve got the heat, hopefully we’ve got the skill.

Ok! This is our first away game of the season. How different is it to play away? When you don’t have support in the crowd; how much of a factor is that?
Coach Ray Jennings: The ground conditions are always an issue. We’ve played here a few times and not won the toss and ended up batting second and the results haven’t been good. The toss does play quite a big role. The away game is very different, especially here where the wicket’s really slow. But generally the guy who wins the toss has a tremendous advantage. They have relaid the wicket and it behaved differently in the first game. Am really looking forward to seeing the type of wicket they’ve prepared.

How much does seeing red and gold in the stands affect the boys, does it motivate them? And now they are going to be seeing a sea of yellow, how do they motivate themselves?

Coach Ray Jennings: Well, you could say it does. The players like to see red in the stands but when you see yellow it can make you angry and you can take it from there. So, its a different thing. But its always nice to have fans in red make themselves seen making noise. It’s always nice to have the Indian crowds, they respect and applaud good cricket like when you have Sachin coming to Bangalore and there is support. So the crowds appreciate good cricket and we can expect recognition for our game.

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Hi RCB Team Management,Chris Gayle should bowl in Matches from April 15th 2012.Reasons:1. Gayle is very good bowler in terms of his bowling at depth of innings and economy is also good. And taken more than 150 wickets in ODI. 5 wickets haul in ODI and Tests2. If some RCB Bowlers goes for runs he can definitely pitch in.3. Chris Gayle is much better bowler than Virat Kohli.4. T Dilshan is not playing so his spin bowling is also missed.
subrat-samant on 14 Apr 2012, 02:40 PM