12th of June, 2010 was when we had the huge event of the Fan Summit held in Bangalore, where we had 6 fans come in with their whole bag of ideas in 6 different categories.
We show you the progress of those ideas right here on this page.
Plant a sapling on a player's birthday - Compiled by fan Praveen G S

"Check who's birthday is coming up next and wish them! Celebrate your favourite players birthday by planting a sapling, when you do send us a series of pictures or a video of you planting a sapling. The picture/video should have a timestamp of when it was planted so we are sure that you planted it on a players birthday. If we think your picture was genuine you will win a prize for supporting the cause"

The Royal Send Off, Sep 4th

The Royal Send Off was organized with a view to give fans a platform to send in 'Gifts of Motivation' to their favourite players and their favourite team, motivating them to play well in the CLT20. The 'Gifts of Motivation' were presented at the Royal Send Off in Bangalore on the 4th of September at Taj West End where 11 Players were present to receive these gifts and be part of the event

- The 50 Winners and their 50 Gifts of Motivation
- Royal Send Off - FAQ's
- Launch of the Royal Send Off

Website look and feel -
Recharged and Refreshed for CLT20!

Launched on the 6th of September, 2010 the site is designed keeping in mind the brand and everything that it symbolizes - cricket and RCB. This website is designed with a view to promote the team & its players. The website is designed to highlight:

  • RCB Club updates i.e. Community Manager's blog, RCB Team Photos, Merchandise etc
  • Fan updates - blog, discussion forums, etc.
  • And the Current Top News Events and an RCB Calendar
  • updating visitors on the site of what is coming up next.

Communication on the Blogs, News sections and also fan blogs will concentrate mainly on cricket and RCB, any other conversation moves to the discussion forum. Launching with the site is the first ever Auction of RCB Memorabilia online, welcoming the new design and the CLT20 season.

- Introduction of the new site
- Rating of the website by fans on 24th Nov, 2009
- Fans then discuss the new website on 5th Sept 2010
- Fans discuss website's Alexa Rank