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Name - Champa Mahesh (ChampaMahesh)

Gender - Female

Location - India

About Me

I am friendly(ppl around me say so,,,,,,,,,.), short-tempered(this award is given bz of my straight-forward character), fun-filled gal(may be this is bz ppls around me will be happy, laughing always), Dont know to sit quite(thats why,,,,,,,,, I am always up to some mischieves), Will give lovely tortures to my lovely friends to fill their lovely hearts with my lovely memories in their lovely life forever, I am slave to myself(i.e. I will not believe anyone blindly especially in taking decisions). I am a bigggggg possessive(love everything to the depth) I like/love only the ppls who like/love(Bz i dont know the art of forcing) I dont make any enemies, if so will really enjoy tht(Bz the ppl who hates me are just My "FOOT" to me) I hate ppl talking behind me(My policy is those u dont have guts to speak in front of u watever thy speak behind are just useless buys, and trust me thy are the Real useless persons on the world) I hate cold wars(Bz ppl who like to escape from there faults wil declare such wars and me no doubt i hate to be with those exceptions) and and last but not the least I dont have any filters b/n my heart n mouth(will tell watevr i feel and feel watevr i say, wil never think abt the feedbacks) "I mean wat I say and I say wat i mean" Lots of love © ђ д м ρ Ų . . . . .

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