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Name - Rajesh Kumar Rathor (RKR)

Gender - Male

Location - Delhi, India

About Me

First of all Good morning, because its time to welcome a nice and new opportunity given bye RCB. My Name is Rajesh Kumar Rathor. i born a small town to Uttrakhad, I came a city of U.P for my study.After that i Came delhi for My Graduation and Post Graduation. I am student of MCA. I work 1 year as Web S/W developer at Noida.Now i am teaching at A Govt School in delhi.. I am a huge fan of cricket, when i was young, if India lose any match i start crying.In my house if there is a cricket match going on the T.V than no other program, u can see. AT first me and my father were the only found of cricket but our whole family watch cricket match together. I spent my life playing cricket and watching cricket,Even i can play cricket as much as possible for hours.Cricket is all for me because cricket give me lot of fame and friends in my city Pilibhit(U.P) as well as in Delhi too. Beside cricket i like to play like football too. and Singing,listening music and internet surfing are my hobbies. I think always positive, what ever happening, happening for good. last but not the least i want to say something that is , jindagi chalti rahege, jab thak sase band nahi hote, chahege, sarahenge RCB ko tab tak jab tak ye nigahe band nahi hoti. thanks

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