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Name - Prashant Dhanke (RoyalPhantom)

Gender - Male

Location - Bengaluru, India

About Me

I have done B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur and am currently employed as a Team Leader in a software firm. Cricket has molded my way of thinking. You would find me giving analogies with cricketing situations to explain almost any problem, even at workplace. I am the kind of person who is always playing shots with whatever he has in his hands, be it a pen, broom or a snake. Until the 1991 world cup, my parents used to be concerned whether I would ever be able to wake up and see the Sun rise. Their fears were laid to rest when their sleeps were disturbed regularly at 3AM with cheers of fours and sixes. The only worthwhile thing my left hand can do is to bowl spin with Tennis-ball. It’s been observed that my happiness-index is ten percent higher whenever there is a cricket series in progress. Besides gorging on the display of skills, I enjoy munching on the statistics, graphs and analysis that follow a cricket match. My blog http://brownphantom.blogspot.com has more than 70 registered users. The content is comprised of short stories, observations and analysis.

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Fan Advisory Board

Meet the Top 20 craziest RCBians who have moved a step ahead in leading the RCB gang. Together they shall support Team RCB to a Victory in IPL 5!

The Fan Advisory Board was formed and will soon kick into action running and managing the massive RCB Fan Club. Keeping in mind the motive of RCB: Born in Bangalore; to thrill India, these ideas were crafted to make it the most engaging Fan Club in India.

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